Finally, Your Pitcher is Older Than Ours


Jamie Moyer

By: Melissa S. Wollering

As the Milwaukee Brewers get that nervous butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling with the defending National League champions coming to town, there’s one thing the team can take comfort in.  Your pitcher is older than ours. 

Now, Philadelphia Phillies’ Jamie Moyer is no slouch! But he was born in 1962 and that makes the Milwaukee Brewers’ pitching staff just feel better. Well boys, soak it in.  Because it’s not going to be an easy weekend and you may not feel good about much more than that.

Both teams have some closer issues with Brad Lidge nursing elbow stiffness following surgery back in November. Hoffman has not had the pleasure of recording a single home save since the second and third games of the season versus the Rockies. The rest of the Brewers’ bullpen is worn down like shag carpet after disco dance party night, too.

Phillies catcher Paul Hoover is the only healthy player in that position on the roster since Ruiz hurt his knee Wednesday. Catcher Brian Schneider is already on the 15-day DL. SS Jimmy Rollins is also playing back through the minors after a 15-day DL stint due to a strained right calf. Even so, these ailments may not provide an ounce of edge to the Milwaukee Brewers who are 4-11 at the hallowed Park of Miller.

Randy Wolf

Randy Wolf used to play for the Phillies and he’ll start Friday with a 1-1 record and 4.42 ERA in three career starts against his former brethren. Milwaukee may have to rely on some out-of-this world pitching by Wolf and the singularly hot bat of Casey McGehee as of late to bring it against Moyer. Right Field Bleachers has a great ode to Casey and believes he’s excellent All Star material.

In other Brewers-related news, Bob Uecker is doing well in recovery. He’ll be out at least another four weeks but the docs say he’s on the road to announcing again (at least home games) with a tuned-up heart.

Also, former Brewers manager Ned Yost was named Kansas City Royals manager this week as the organization gave Hillman the boot. Of course the media asked Royals catcher and former Brewer Jason Kendall for reaction and he was highly complimentary. Then again, if Ned Yost could manage games as well as Kendall could call them for us, Yost might still be “the most” in Milwaukee. Either way, good luck Ned!

And finally, my buddy Bob Brainerd takes a look at the latest Prince Fielder trade rumors and articulates the delicate balance between getting the most from a Prince trade early on and raising the white flag on the season in fans’ minds. What do you think? Should Prince be shopped around now for maximum bang for the buck or would that signal a defeat to the 2010 season?

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