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The results of my first draft featuring Individual Defensive Players.  This league is extremely deep.  16 teams overall, so I think I did very well.  I punted front line RBs for high upside rookies.  We shall see how that strategy works out I guess.

Daniel Manning may look like an obscure pick at free safety, but we get points for returns, so it made sense providing he’s still the kick-off return guy this season.

Carney could be money if he has anything left in the tank.  In doors for half his games on what should be a high scoring offense.  He’ll be the kicker for at least the first four games.

Old faithful Adam Vinatieri should be at least serviceable as well.

You have to draft deep in this league because of the roster size.

For example, the only starting QB available in the free agent pool is Culpepper.

Kurt Warner
Joe Flacco
Mark Sanchez

Chris Wells
Knowshon Moreno
Ray Rice

Larry Fitzgerald
Greg Jennings
Ted Ginn
Kevin Curtis
Joey Galloway

Greg Olson
Randy McMichael

Team Defense
New York Jets
San Francisco 49ers

Adam Vinatieri
John Carney

Individual Defensive Players

Eric Weddle
Daniel Manning

Justin Tuck

Patrick Willis
Jon Beason

So, what do you think? Comment below

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  1. paulmbanks says

    There’s been talk of a TSB fantasy league for a long time…so are we getting this thing ging?

  2. rikki greenberg says

    I didn’t know you did fantasy football!?!?!

    I’m thinking about joining a league this season, but I don’t know anything about fantasy football.

    Any tips??

  3. rikki greenberg says

    No Matt Ryan for QB? or Jay Cutler??

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