Charlie Sheen Media Meltdown Continues (Video)


Charlie Sheen as Ricky Vaughn in "Major League"

What’s really funny about Charlie Sheen’s media persona is how many times he actually plays himself in television and film. Take for instance his character in the now shut down CBS series “Two and a half men.” And in both of his baseball movies, he played a scumbag degenerate; Hap Felsch in “Eight Men Out,” Ricky Wild Thing Vaughn in “Major League.”

In other words, he often doesn’t take on very challenging roles. But he did quote NBA legend Allen Iverson’s “PRACTICE” rant, and he keeps on re-purposing and recycling his own gibberish as he keeps doing the talk show circuit.

Aside from Christina Aguilera, Sheen is #1 on the trending trainwreck/downward spiral index right now.

His latest video interview after the jump

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