How and Why Football Stadiums are Upgrading to LED Lights


When you’re at a football stadium taking in the sights and sounds, you want to experience every precision pass, defensive maneuver, and top-shelf goal to the fullest. Unfortunately, many stadiums lack proper lighting and are unable to provide an enjoyable game for players and spectators alike. When these stadiums upgrade to high-efficiency LED lighting, the on-field product is drastically enhanced.

Better color rendering, reduced glare, and full-field coverage allow fans to enjoy every second of the action.  A super LED light can even significantly decrease electricity expenditures and maintenance costs. Let’s find out why LED lighting is the future of football.

LED Lighting Provides an Enhanced Spectator Experience

Have you ever been to an older football stadium? You’re likely to notice areas in the seats or even on the field that lack complete, bright light coverage. You might even notice a glare or experience visual discomfort. Inferior lighting detracts from the game, even for fans watching from home.

LED lighting provides a fix for glare by operating at a color rendering index similar to natural sunlight. This guarantees optimal visual comfort for players on the field and fans in the stadium. The sharp, bright light covers the entire football field without missing a beat, and the color rendering index provides true-to-life color.

LED Lighting Reduces Energy Costs

LED lights dominate the industry when it comes to durability, longevity, and cost-efficiency.  An LED luminaire has a lifespan of over 100,000 hours. Even the closest lighting competitors like Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium lights last no longer than 25,000 hours and cost significantly more to run. These systems use up to 65% more energy with equal lumens output when compared to LEDs.

Not only are you saving money by using LEDs, you’re putting in an effort to go green and cut energy use. Both your fans and the environment will appreciate it. The less frequent bulb changes also reduce waste.

More importantly, LED lights drastically cut maintenance costs. Most lighting systems in football stadiums are placed high-up in hard to reach areas. As a result, special crews have to come in and replace the bulbs at a significant cost. LED luminaires require less maintenance and only need to be replaced 1 time for every 4 or more bulbs changed in inferior lighting systems. The maintenance savings alone will pay off the investment into LED lighting in a short time.

LED Lighting is Efficient

The bright, comfortable light focuses extremely well, allowing you to utilize fewer lighting fixtures to cover more area. LED Luminaries have an efficacy of 140 lumens/watt, providing consistent, focused light over any size field. An LED luminaire is also incredibly durable; the heavy-duty, lightweight die-cast design provides optimal wear resistance while protecting against extreme outdoor environments and corrosive conditions.

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