Best Tips and Strategies to Win With Infrared Dominoes


Many people wish they could see right through dominoes like X-ray visions. If you could have this ability, you would know all the dominoes pieces and always win. Although it is impossible to see through domino pieces in the game with naked eyes, you can use infrared sunglasses. You can also use infrared contacts and mark the back of every domino piece with luminous ink.

It can be wise if you know that the luminous ink is permanent, and without any doubt, it is professionally applied so that the back of every domino piece appears the same as the front without any issue. You can seek to know how to use infrared dominoes at sites like Therefore, when you pick the domino pieces, it will be like picking the pieces flipped up, a kind of strategy that enables anybody to win at dominoes. Below are some of the best strategies to help you win at dominoes without being noticed:

Pick the Right Infrared

The right product is key to a successful dominoes game. Some poor-quality luminous ink may leave obvious markings or dark ink marks on dominos, making you get caught. You need to avoid poor-quality products from some stores. You need the right device to help you see the markings on the dominoes. There are two basic devices which are; infrared contacts and infrared glasses. The infrared sunglasses and infrared contact lenses are universal and can as well view marked cards. The infrared contact lenses are the most discreet infrared devices. The infrared contacts do not need any measurements or color of the eye and can be used universally by those who don’t like contact lenses.

Don’t Be Too Obvious When Using Your Devices

While playing using infrared devices, it is good not to be obvious while using them. When you start out using infrared sunglasses, it might raise suspicion when you are winning instantly. You may try losing purposely before returning to win everything. If the sunglasses appear suspicious when playing dominoes, you can opt for infrared contact lenses to check the back of the dominoes. Don’t give other people the obvious feeling that you are having device help resulting from your winnings.

Allow Yourself to Lose Sometimes

If you were not always on the winning side, you should start by purposely losing. Then you can proceed by increasing the number of times that you win. When you get to the point of always winning your game, people may probably ask to check your sunglasses. The best strategy of playing using infrared devices is to allow yourself to lose sometimes. Even if you use infrared contact lenses, it is good to keep people from thinking you are cheating purposely.

Using infrared dominos is the best way to cheat and make you earn a profit from the gaming house. However, it would be best to keep in mind that it requires better strategies for anything to be perfectly done. Consider checking out at for more tips on how to use infrared dominos.


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