Yovani Gallardo’s South Side Scare

Yovani Gallardo

I grew up less than four miles from the spot Milwaukee Brewers’ starting pitcher Yovani Gallardo was robbed at gunpoint overnight Thursday into Friday. I was also there when he spoke to reporters Friday afternoon and Yo was certainly a little freaked out, enough to probably avoid S. 20th and Lincoln Ave. for a few months.

Gallardo and one of the Brewers’ clubhouse attendants Alex Sanchez were robbed at gunpoint early Friday morning. According to the police report, the suspect asked for money and jewelry, which Sanchez handed over. Sanchez was then struck in the head with the butt of the suspect’s gun. Gallardo was not hurt.  

“We were just getting a bite to eat and trying to stay out of trouble,” Gallardo told reporters Friday afternoon outside the Brewers’ clubhouse. “We were just trying to go home and obviously trouble found us.”

By: Melissa S. Wollering

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