Douchebracket Peter Christian Regional Finals

by Peter Christian

After two weekends of match-ups of in the NCAA Tournament, it’s possible you may have missed the action in the Peter Christian Regional of the Sports Bank Douchebrackets. Maybe it was because of the immensely entertaining games on the hardcourt or maybe it was because our TV contract with Spike TV hadn’t been ironed out yet. Either way, you missed out on some fierce douchebaggery and even some scuzzbucketry as well. Pepper Brooks (the Gus Johnson of the Douchebrackets) nearly lost his mind and actually did lose his pants 3 times while calling the action and Kevin Federline was off his lazy rocking chair in flabbergastment at least a dozen times while providing color commentary.

As a refresher, take a look at the 1st round match ups of the Peter Christian Regional

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