Michigan State Needs More Consistent Scoring from Durrell Summers

durrell summers

It maybe single digit high temperatures and subzero wind chills in East Lansing, Michigan right now, but the Michigan State Spartans should look to make it Durrell “Summers summer, summertime Time to sit back and unwind” if they are to start living up to their preseason hype. Apologies for quoting Will Smith. Really, that was my bad I know.

The Spartans were preseason #2, but they have three losses already on this young season.

None of their losses have been particularly bad: they took #6 UConn down to the wire, they hung with #1 Duke at Cameron Indoor for about 35 minutes (and could probably win that game today now that it would be played without Kyrie Irving who ripped them apart for 31 points). And although Tuesday night’s loss to Syracuse wasn’t pretty, playing the #8 team in the nation in their home state is always a tough task.

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Durrell Summers’ time During Michigan State’s Winter

By Paul M. Banks

During the run to the title game last season, you probably heard a lot of announcers make annoying puns off the name of Michigan State’s Durrell Summers. That’s because  1.) Most mainstream media tv commentators are hacks   2.) Summers made so many plays that he required attention. You’ll hear his name a lot more this season.

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