Durrell Summers’ time During Michigan State’s Winter


By Paul M. Banks

During the run to the title game last season, you probably heard a lot of announcers make annoying puns off the name of Michigan State’s Durrell Summers. That’s because  1.) Most mainstream media tv commentators are hacks   2.) Summers made so many plays that he required attention. You’ll hear his name a lot more this season.

Although Michigan State can play half-court and be effective, they’re at their best in the open court when they get out and run. And Summers, a 6’4″ junior wing out of Detroit, is probably their most dangerous weapon in transition. Out on the break is certainly where Summers’ skills are most dangerous. During my recent exclusive with Summers, I asked him what the key is to the Spartans’ explosive transition scoring.

“Rebounding. If our inside guys and our wings like myself can get the ball, coach is comfortable with all of us pushing it and igniting the break. and if everyone is unselfish and aggressive at the same than it’s a jailbreak,” he responded.

Summers had a productive summer (yes, annoying pun intended!) as he augmented his top notch athleticism by developing a stronger physique. He had a great off-season in the weight room, noticeably gaining strength and power, and he also played in the Jordan Brand classic.

“It was a whole different experience: meeting celebrities, got to meet Michael Jordan, being around the top players and guys ni the league right now, it was great for me,” Durrell said about participating in the program.

Tom “H to the” Izzo had a lot to say about Summers’ time coming this winter. Watch the video below to hear his response to my question about Summers’ seasoning. (annoying pun #2) Izzo also had some interesting things to say about Kalin Lucas getting thrown out of practice earlier this month (and the media coverage of it)

I then asked Summers about all the time he’s been spending in the gym (as Izzo mentioned).

“I went into a little slump and I had been in the gym but sometimes when you go into a shooting slump, it’s not all just shooting, it’s how you handle it, it’s the little things, and I’m going to continue to do that,” he responded.

Scoring is no doubt Summers’ strength, but what’s weakness?

“Not relaxing on defense, I think my D has come a long way, but sometimes I still got to not relax and keep my hand up and stuff like that, but im working on it,” he said.

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