“Rudy” of Notre Dame Fame Pays out $382,000 in SEC Lawsuit


Before we get started, I have to point out here that SEC does not mean Southeastern Conference in this story; but rather Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC, a United States governing agency that oversees the trading of stocks and bonds charges that Daniel E. Ruettiger, the real life “Rudy” used a sports drink company for a pump and dump scheme that illegally pulled in $11,000,000.

Yes, that Rudy, the former Notre Dame walk-on who inspired one of the the greatest college football movies of all time, (even if it was part infomercial for the University of Notre Dame) agreed to pay $382,866 to settle the SEC charges that his sports drink was a vehicle for a pump and dump scheme. However, in paying out the settlement, Ruettiger does not admit or deny the allegations.

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Notre Dame Placekicker: a Contemporary “Rudy”


The story of a walk-on making a big name for himself in college football is extremely rare. The biggest one of all, Daniel F. “Rudy” Ruettiger occurred at Notre Dame in the 1970s. You know it from the 1993 film “Rudy,” quite possibly the best football movie ever made. But there’s a similar plot-line occurring within Notre Dame’s current football program.

And it involves David Ruffer, a walk-on who now holds the school record for most consecutive field goals. And he did it with a 50-yarder in the win over Pittsburgh.

I should also mention that he’s never missed a Field Goal attempt in his two seasons (17 for 17 over 10 games).

By Paul M. Banks

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