Stl. Rams Coordinator Gregg Williams apology statement to team, fans, league


St. Louis Rams defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has apologizing to the NFL, to Rams coach Jeff Fisher, the organization and NFL football fans in general for managing a bounty pool while he held the same position with the New Orleans Saints.

Williams was suspended indefinitely on Wednesday by the NFL, and the Rams say he’ll be eligible for reinstatement after this season.

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St. Louis Rams trade #2 overall draft pick to Redskins


I guess we know where RG3 is going to play his NFL football now.

In a blockbuster, pre NFL Draft deal, the St. Louis Rams will receive the Washington Redskins’ #6 overall pick, as well as the Redskins’ first-round picks in 2013 and 2014. The Rams will also receive Washington’s second-round pick this year in return for the second overall pick that the Redskins now will use on Robert Griffin III.

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What should the St. Louis Rams do with their draft picks?


Yes, I know the Rams are going to trade this pick! I get that.  And it’s likely going to be to the Browns. Or the Redskins, or to whoever wants Robert Griffin 3 the most, but I don’t do trades in my mock. So let’s look at where they might go, if they don’t deal the pick.

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Report: Jeff Fisher to Coach Stl. Rams not Miami Dolphins

jeff fisher

Jeff Fisher has accepted an offer to coach the St. Louis Rams. The person confirmed the agreement to The Associated Press on Friday on condition of anonymity because the hiring hadn’t been announced.

Everyone thought Fisher was headed to the Miami Dolphins, who had been wooing him. After all he was the prize prospect for all the open head coaching positions in the NFL this off-season.

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Who do St. Louis Rams Draft at #2 Overall?


Everyone knows Andrew Luck is going first overall to the Indianapolis Colts. When his name is called on draft day it will be as big a surprise as the day former N’Sync member and pop star Lance Bass officially came out of the closet.

The real draft begins at number two. And gets more interesting at number three and so on.

What do the Rams do? With Sam Bradford, the 2010 overall #1 pick under center, I can’t see them going quarterback. Yes, Bradford and the offense took significant steps back in 2011, but Sam is the man of the future. Also, Matt Barkley decided to stay in school, and I believe if you can’t get Luck or Barkley, than the Rams might as well stay with the girl they brought to the dance. Robert Griffin III and Landry Jones are fine prospects, but not good enough to give up on Bradford for.

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Denver Broncos Trade Brandon Lloyd to Stl. Rams for Draft Pick


Before the hysteria of Tim Tebow fever engulfs Denver with certain religious fervor, Denver Broncos fans will have to realize St. Tebow will not have his top target and main weapon when he makes his first start of the season.

The Denver Broncos traded Pro Bowl receiver Brandon Lloyd, the league’s leading receiver in 2010, to the St. Louis Rams for a conditional 2012 draft pick.

Curious timing, as the deal comes a week after Tebow officially took over for Kyle Orton at QB1.

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When Will the St. Louis Rams Actually Win a Game?

So much for the 2010 bump into mediocrity, the St. Louis Rams are looking like the 1-15 bunch from 2009 again. 7-9 looks like a pipe dream for a bunch that has been out-scored 96-34 so far. And what were they doing on Monday Night Football a couple weeks ago?

This sad sack bunch was on the NFL primetime showcase game? Really? Sadly, they’re probably not the worst team in the Midwest, as the Indianapolis Colts and Minnesota Vikings look equally putrid. But I don’t think Indy and Minny will get a W before the Stl. Due to the Rams schedule.

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