Ozzie Guillen and the White Sox: Ready to live Separate Lives?


So this is how it ends? No, let me say it in Ozzie Guillen English: “This is horses#$%! This is f*&*&ing s#$t.”

Chicago White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen, by far the most emotionally healthy person I have ever had a discussion with in my life (because keeping things bottled up is indeed bad for you) has one year left on his contract. And the prospective extension isn’t likely to happen. In fact, Ozzie might not even be here next year.

It all starts with the infamously acrimonious relationship between Guillen and White Sox GM Ken Williams, and how owner Jerry Reinsdorf handles it. It is a soap opera, and that’s why MLB Network choose to make a reality series about it. And it’s a crying shame how boring, watered down and spin-cycled that de facto infomercial for the Sox and MLB (I’m talking about “The Club” here) is.

So much potential…all thrown away. I’d rather watch a Smashmouth concert than an episode of that crappy show, and I think Smashmouth is the worst band in the history of modern music.

Ozzie, you’ll love managing the Florida Marlins.

By Paul M. Banks

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Ozzie Guillen steps up to handle Pennant Race Pressure


Ozzie Guillen is not afraid to put the worst case scenario out there. The manager of the Chicago White Sox is well aware of the high quality baseball his team was playing heading into the All Star Break, but also remains astutely aware of how quickly things can turn from good to bad (or in the case of the White Sox, bad to good to bad again).

“We’ve got 70 or so games to go and we might lose all of those games. You never know,” Guillen said prior to their first post All-Star Break game with the AL Central Division rival Minnesota Twins. “But I know we’re gonna play hard, we’re gonna play baseball, and regardless of what happens, I can win with them.”

By Peter Christian

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Ozzie Guillen: Blunt but Fair


Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen is as love ’em or hate ’em as anybody in Major League Baseball. If you’re a Sox fan and/or admire people who confidently state their views in this era of overly sanitized corporatespeak dominance, you probably like him a lot.

However, if you enjoy being politically correct, think Wrigley Field is a cathedral, or happen to care for the Minnesota Twins, then maybe he’s not the guy for you.

He may be polarizing, but he’s honest with his emotions, outlook on life and with baseball. And he’s fair with his players. As a baseball fan, isn’t that what you want most? A manager who puts winning and meritocracy above all?

By Paul M. Banks

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Ozzie Guillen on his Bullpen, Managing Style (Video)

ozzie guillen

Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen is one of the most entertaining interviews in all of MLB, or sports in general for that matter. Remember when you took Psychology 101, and you learned about the id, the ego, and the superego? Hearing Ozzie sometimes, is a great way to define exactly what the id is.

So I guess it’s fitting that the topic of psychology came up here at the end of this video. And BEWARE the F bomb right at the beginning of this vid. Sorry, I wasn’t able to edit the profanity out!

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