London Calling: flailing Oakland Raiders face a must-win already

Dennis Allen

After appearing to send the Patriots to overtime while on the road with a game-tying touchdown, the play was called back for holding. The next play was what any Raiders game-ending interception would be like- bobbled off of their own receivers’ hands and into the mitts of a 325 pound defensive tackle.

After Charles Woodson noted that his new team “sucks” after losing to the Texans, he probably couldn’t muster any change on those emotions after their defense held Tom Brady in check all day. It’s a little early for Woodson to panic, but maybe London Fletcher was on to something before the season started when he called out Woodson for going to Oakland to receive one last pay day. [Read more…]

Terrelle Pryor and Oakland Raiders will soon likely be parting ways

terrelle pryor

Terrelle Pryor is on his way out of Oakland. According to Fox Sports:

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Matt Schaub hopeful for new start with the Oakland Raiders

Matt Schaub

Matt Schaub had every chance to reach the Super Bowl while he was in Houston. He had a superb running back behind him to take pressure off of him, in Arian Foster. Foster is not just good, he could end up being historically good. Also Schaub was blessed with a great defense led by athletic monster, JJ Watt. How many quarterbacks would kill to have a defense like that to keep the score tight and to give his offense great field position? All the fault cannot lie with Matt Schaub for what happened in Houston. The head coach had some guilt in the fall from Super Bowl favorite to seller dweller. That is why Gary Kubiak is no longer the head coach there. I really do not know how he lasted as long as he did. [Read more…]

Chicago Bears Free Agency Analysis and Predictions

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New York Giants

Well, that escalated quickly.

GM Phil Emery followed up his amazing opening act last season with an equally impressive performance in the first few hours of this year’s free agency period.

About 60 minutes after the opening bell, former Giants tight end Martellus Bennett was watching the ink dry on his new four-year deal with the Bears. The terms of Bennett’s contract have not yet been disclosed.

A few hours later, ESPN’s Adam Schefter confirmed that former Saints Pro Bowl left tackle Jermon Bushrod would be joining Bennett in the Windy City on a five-year, $36 million deal, making him the highest paid offensive lineman in team history. [Read more…]

Powerful Oakland Raiders Owner Al Davis Dies at Age 82

Pro football lost one of its all time largest personalities today as Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis passed away at the age of 82. The team’s website states they will issue a statement later on Saturday with more detail.

Davis was once among the most powerful owners in NFL football. He had enough clout to take on former Commissioner Pete Rozelle, and he often did. Davis had no problem wielding his juice by utilizing his high powered legal team. Davis won three Super Bowls, but his biggest victory came off-the-field, when a six-person jury sided with the Raiders in their anti-trust suit against the National Football League.

The verdict when all the way to the Supreme Court, who through out the case giving the Raiders legal clearance to move to Los Angeles without approval by the NFL owners.

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Raiders Sebastian Janikowski Ties NFL Record with 63 Yard Field Goal

Long before tonight, my favorite placekicker of all time is the Oakland Raiders Sebastian Janikowski.

The former Florida State PK nicknamed Sea Bass is big, Polish and lives life to the fullest. Sounds like a winning combination to me With three seconds to go before halftime of Monday night’s game at the Denver Broncos game, Janikowski drilled a 63-yard field goal to give Oakland a 16-3 lead heading into intermission.

The kick ties an NFL record shared by Denver’s Jason Elam (in 1998) and New Orleans’ Tom Dempsey (in 1970), respectively.

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Fantasy Football Studs, Duds & Sleepers: AFC West

With the NFL lockout finally behind us, football fans can finally turn our attention from the courtrooms and onto the field, where it belongs. In the coming weeks, I will rank the fantasy studs, duds and sleepers for each division. Today, the AFC West goes under the microscope.

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2011 NFL Free Agency Signings and Trade Rumors: NFC Summary, Chris Johnson and More!


Have you missed all of the latest 2011 NFL Free Agent Signings? NFL Trades? Not sure where Sidney Rice or Zach Miller will be catching passes this season? Well we’ve got you covered.

It today’s posting, we cover every player in the NFC who has changed teams and their contract terms if we have them. It’s a plain and simple post, but a must read for NFL fans and fantasy football geeks alike.

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2011 NFL Signings and Trade Rumors: New England Patriots, Michael Bush and More!



With the first NFL preseason games just around the corner, the New England Patriots remain active at rebuilding their Defensive Line. Michael Bush stays with the Oakland Raiders and the Chicago Bears name their opening day offensive line. What are the latest 2011 NFL Signings? NFL Trade Rumors? NFL News?

The Sportsbank is your Monday morning quarterback, passing the latest news from around the NFL.

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2011 NFL Signings and Trade Rumors: Olin Kreutz, Brett Favre, Adrian Peterson and more!

adrian peterson

The Chicago Bear’s Olin Kreutz has a new team, Brett Favre is not joining the Miami Dolphins and the Oakland Raiders replace Zach Miller. What are the latest 2011 NFL signings? NFL trade rumors? News from around the NFL?

The Sportsbank has NFL fans covered with the latest from around the league.

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2011 NFL Signings and Trade Rumors: Brett Favre Comeback, Braylon Edwards, McFadden and more!


Is Brett Favre making a comeback again? Why might Braylon Edwards draw criticism from Terrell Owens? Should Oakland Raiders fans be worried about Darren McFadden’s latest injury? What are the latest 2011 NFL Signings? NFL trade rumors? NFL News?

The Sportsbank is all over the latest NFL News like Osi Umenyiora on a quarterback Tom Brady.

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2011 NFL Free Agent Signings, Trade Rumors News: Umenyiora, Edwards, Floyd, Packers and more.



With many big names off the NFL free agent block, teams are still putting pieces in place. The New York Giants tell  Osi Umenyiora he’s off the trading block. Will Barack Obama become a Green Bay Packers Fan? What is next for former Chicago Bears Olin Kreutz and Braylon Edwards? What NFL Free Agent signings remain? Trade Rumors? NFL News?

The sportsbank’s all-pro section reveals the latest for you.

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