Bob Pettit

If you ask a lot of people who he or she thinks is the greatest basketball player of all time, I bet most people would say Michael Jordan. Some might say Wilt Chamberlain. Some might say Magic Johnson. Unique skill-sets are what set players apart from one another. LeBron James was supposed to the “next” MJ coming out of high school.

But we soon found out that his skill-set resembled Magic Johnson’s more than MJ’s. I would say that Kobe Bryant will be the closest thing to Jordan that we will ever see in the NBA.

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Derrick Rose: “I’m going to Win Multiple Championships”


“Not a repeat, or a three-peat, we’re talking Minimum 8-peat my friend,” that’s the words of the famous Saturday Night Live “Superfan” character from the early ’90s comedic sketches. You remember? “Da Bulls.” “Ditka.” “Polish sauasage.” Those portly fellow had a lot of hubris about the Michael Jordan era Chicago Bulls teams.

That hubris in now showing up in NBA MVP and Bulls superstar point guard Derrick Rose. Check out what he said in Spain over the weekend.

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