MLB Advanced Media BLUNDERS in “breaking” Braves-Cubs Dempster non-trade


This is what happens when you over-centralize your power and resources. When you make a blunder, you being the so-called authority, the fallout is magnified.

MLB Advanced Media (perhaps the greatest Orwellian doublespeak that you’ll ever hear) is Major League Baseball’s subsidiary which seeks to control and monopolize baseball related web content. It’s the reason bloggers and websites don’t get media credentials.

Believe it or not, I’ve read the media portion of the collective bargaining agreement and there are provisions in it for television, newspaper and radio; none for the internet. That’s because access for web outlets is restricted to simply MLB’s so-called “Advanced” division. Although they’re actually pretty regressive as it took them years to figure out how allowing embedding of video is actually a good idea, not a bad one.

Yesterday they dropped the ball big time in “breaking” a trade between the Chicago Cubs and Atlanta Braves that never happened.

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MLB Killing Itself with Clueless and Backward Internet Media Policy

There’s a reason you see so many Cialis and Viagra commercials during Major League Baseball telecasts- it’s pretty much the only demographic they have left!

MLB is dying among the youth crowd for one simple reason: it’s failure to join the rest of the 20th century when it comes to coexisting with internet media.

I hate the term “new media,” or even “internet media” for that matter, because the web is the only medium growing while every other medium is dwindling or dying out. Yet baseball still has a clause in their collective bargaining agreement prohibiting media access for representatives of web sites or blogs. Why? Because they don’t want any video highlights of any game getting posted anywhere other than the prescription service they want you to purchase. They also want their site to be the ONLY source of internet coverage.

Take a look at page 205 of the CBA, (which would actually be page 217 in this pdf) which discusses club media regulations. You’ll notice the very first point mentions “press, radio and television” and absolutely nothing about the world wide web.

Pretty much sums it up. But here’s how it affects you the fan, and kills their own product in the process:

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