Michigan Ends Ohio State Losing Streak; Fans Storm Big House Field


Beating an unranked and mediocre at best Ohio State team a cause for rushing the field? When you’re a marquee program like Michigan? Normally I’d say no, but this is THE GAME; and the best rivalry in sports. At the biggest venue in all of sports.

Also, this ended a 7-game Wolverines losing streak in the series- a call for celebration. This Michigan Stadium win could go down as one of the biggest wins in Big House history. With some help it might have clinched a BcS berth for U-M. Yes, believe it or not, as bad as the Big Ten has looked at times this season, the league could indeed have an at large berth.

The Buckeyes and Wolverines met for the 108th time Saturday in Ann Arbor, Mich. And with the 40-34 win, Michigan improved to 58-43-6 all-time vs. the Buckeyes.

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#16 Michigan Wolverines-Ohio State Buckeyes: THE GAME Brutally Honest Preview


It’s rivalry week in college football, and to quote Bugs Bunny “of course you know, this means war.” Only one of these rivalry games can truly claim an actual war in the history of the geographic region it covers.

That’s the Michigan Wolverines vs. the Ohio State Buckeyes, or “THE GAME,” as it’s called.

(Well, maybe two rivalries can claim actual battles: also Kansas-Mizzou, as they had the abolitionist vs. slave state skirmishes known as “Bleeding Kansas,” in the 1850s.)

What a difference a year makes, OSU DESTROYED Michigan last year, but the Wolverines are looking like big favorites this year. UM can knock the Bucks down the bowl ladder with a win, while Ohio St. can keep the Wolverines out of a BcS bowl. Yes, it sounds crazy given how terrible the Big Ten has been this year, but Michigan, and only Michigan can be the Big Ten’s at-large bid if they finish 10-2.

You know, it’s all politics, and only Michigan has the cachet to get to the Sugar Bowl if they win this one.

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