Minnesota Twins are in Total Free Fall

Delmon Young

The Minnesota Twins have been plummeting in the American League Central standings. There win percentage may be lower than Adam Dunn’s batting average by the end of September. The Scott Baker injury recently put the icing on the cake of a disastrous season. Fans looking for a bargain in the Twin Cities should look to purchase tickets secondhand during an NFL Sunday. They could pick up the seats for next to nothing.

In analyzing the struggles of the ball club, the most glaring shortcoming is the lack of RBI production from those who should have provided more impressive numbers. Delmon Young, Jason Kubel, Justin Morneau, and Joe Mauer were all expected to have substantially more runs batted in. Usually the team can weather the storm if one of its players falls off, but when it’s almost everyone, good luck.

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The Necessary Attributes to be a Major League Manager


There are numerous schools of thought on effective leadership. One could spend hours upon hours at Amazon.com in this section. Because the Major League Baseball season is such a grind at around ten times the length of the NFL season, the necessary traits are somewhat unique compared with other professional sports. There are the old school supporters who would back the likes of Charlie Manuel and Jim Leyland, while opponents may cite the Braves Fredi Gonzalez and the White Sox Ozzie Guillen as models.

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Oakland fading out of the AL West picture


The Oakland Athletics started this month right near the top of the AL West race. It was thought that the “Moneyball” franchise could actually be adding pieces as the trading deadline approached in 2010. But instead, they now find themselves in free-fall. The A’s lost for the tenth time in 12 games Wednesday night, and fell to a season-low six games under .500. They now trail the first-place Texas Rangers by 10 1/2 games. If they don’t turn it around soon, the A’s could be sellers once again at the deadline. And any team in need of a left-handed stick will take a long hard look at Jack Cust. (Unless of course the newly activated Coco Crisp can save them.)

Recently, I asked Athletics manager Bob Geren why his team was so good in one run games; they’re currently tied with division rival Los Angeles for the second best record in baseball at 12-7.

By Paul M. Banks

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