Michigan makes it 5 consecutive NCAA Title game losses for Big Ten

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The Big Ten in the NCAA Title game of college basketball is starting to get like the Big Ten in bowl games versus the SEC in college football. Since Tom Izzo and the Michigan State Spartans won the NCAA Title in 2000, the Big Ten has finished runner-up in the NCAA Title game five times: Hoosiers in 2002, Illini in 2005, Buckeyes in 2007,  Spartans in 2009, and now the Wolverines in 2013.

Louisville outlasted Michigan 82-76 to secure the NCAA title.

And I am emotionally spent! What else could you ask for as a college basketball fan watching a NCAA title game? It was full of runs, tough defense, hustle, and a hard fought victory in the closing minutes…it was simply a great game!

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College Football 77 in 77: #59 Louisville Cardinals

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If you want to know why Kentucky is the sixth most obese state in the nation, look further than the names of the two main sports venues in it’s biggest city: Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium for college football, the KFC Yum! Center for college basketball.

We are a fast food nation aren’t we? Kentucky deep Fried Chicken and pizza that possesses White Castle levels of innate laxative have major power at UL. No wonder the USA is raising a nation of Eric Cartmans. Well, the Cardinals can use that as their future OL recruiting base.

Moving on to the healthier, more athletic players on the football field, UL has good talent at WR and RB, but a good old-fashioned QB controversy brewing. It’s Will Stein vs. Teddy Bridgewater

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Plan to Form a New Great Midwest College Basketball Conference

Louisville dance team

The Big East conference has too many college basketball teams. In an ideal situation, each team in a conference plays each other twice, home and away. They can’t: too many teams!

If they did this, each school would have to play 30 conference games!

Ok, then let’s try this: split the Big East into two divisions of eight and play the other seven schools in your division home and away and play the eight schools from the other division once each-four of them at home, four on the road. No, this won’t work either because this still adds up to 22 conference games, which is still too many.

And besides, if you split into divisions, the only logical way to divide them would be into an east and a west and I’m pretty sure schools like UConn, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, St. John’s, Villanova, and Georgetown aren’t going to be OK with being all lumped together and forced to play home and home with each other while schools like Notre Dame, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Marquette get shipped west and avoid the “bullies” of the conference.

I have a better solution: DePaul, Louisville, Cincinnati, and Marquette should leave the Big East.

By Adam Satorious

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The Big East Tournament Live Chat

The Big East Tournament is in full swing, so why don’t you join one college basketball obsessed dork and another guy who just likes to be a nerd talk about the games as they happen LIVE?!

Peter Christian and David Kay will be updating all day, and we’ll be expecting some extremely fun drop ins through out the day.

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