Mike Anderson: My Life as Lance Armstrong’s Personal Assistant


Thomas Terry/Associated Press

Mike Anderson was Lance Armstrong’s personal assistant for two years. In a long and detailed article published in Outside Online, Anderson reveals a disappointing and vengeful look at Lance Armstrong.

Armstrong was recently stripped of seven Tour de France titles because he refused to enter a legal war against the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). By the looks of it, Armstrong didn’t defuse the situation or save face by quitting the fight against the USADA. His reputation is about to take a bigger hit.

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Lance Armstrong will lose all 7 Tour de France titles


Thia just hit the associated  press a couple hours ago

With stunning swiftness, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency said Thursday night it will strip Lance Armstrong of his unprecedented seven Tour de France titles after he dropped his fight against drug charges that threatened his legacy as one of the greatest cyclists of all time.

Travis Tygart, USADA’s chief executive, said Armstrong would also be hit with a lifetime ban on Friday. And under the World Anti-Doping Code, he would lose the bronze medal from the 2000 Olympics as well as any awards, event titles and cash earnings

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The Smoking Gun of Lance Armstrong’s Doping/Cheating Released (Videos)


I’ve been saying for years that Lance Armstrong is no hero. He’s a false icon and a dishonest person. The lack of responsibility, lack of accountability and lack of integrity that he has displayed in the duration of his personal life is on par with the immorality he committed in his professional life. And now the smoking gun is out there.

CBS “60 Minutes” shows the confessional of Armstrong’s close teammate Tyler Hamilton. And now that Hamilton is having his come to Jesus moment, all of Lance’s dirty laundry is being aired too. “Lie Strong” brother

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