The Smoking Gun of Lance Armstrong’s Doping/Cheating Released (Videos)



I’ve been saying for years that Lance Armstrong is no hero. He’s a false icon and a dishonest person. The lack of responsibility, lack of accountability and lack of integrity that he has displayed in the duration of his personal life is on par with the immorality he committed in his professional life. And now the smoking gun is out there.

CBS “60 Minutes” shows the confessional of Armstrong’s close teammate Tyler Hamilton. And now that Hamilton is having his come to Jesus moment, all of Lance’s dirty laundry is being aired too. “Lie Strong” brother


  1. I’ve been saying the same thing to my friends and colleagues at work. He cheated on his wife who took care of him and the children when he had cancer with Crow. He dumped Crow when she had cancer. This guy is a scumbag dressed up in an Armani suit.

  2. paulmbanks says

    exactly! summed it up perfectly.

    amen brother

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