College Hoops 101

By: David Kay

College Hoops 101 is a weekly article centering around all things college basketball.  David Kay looks back at the previous week, glances forward to what is ahead in the up-coming days, and keeps track of how many games I have watched this season in hopes of topping my mark from a year ago (274.)

This week’s College Hoops 101 comes a day late due to my road trip to Minnesota on Sunday to see my boy Brett Favre do some serious work.  Seriously, all the Favre-haters can suck it.  That’s all I have to say about that… Onto the college hoops!
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Big 10 All-Injured Team

By Paul M. Banks

Injuries are just part of sports; the natural order of things, the way it is. But during the 2009-2010 college basketball season, the injury bug has seemed to infested the Big Ten a little more than usual. In fact, you could make a pretty good starting five out or Big Ten stars that have missed a couple months or will miss a couple months this season.

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Sidetracked: Stars Align to Dump on Wisconsin Sports Fans

By: Melissa S. Wollering

Just when you thought seasonal depression had set in over the Packers’ playoff loss Sunday night, Jon Leuer breaks his wrist, jeopardizing the Badgers’ basketball season.  Then, Michael Redd decides he’s out for the season with a torn ACL/MCL combination kiss of death for the Milwaukee Bucks.  Would someone like to make the lives of Wisconsin residents any worse?  Please? [Read more…]

Wisconsin’s Jon Leuer Out Indefinitely

By Paul M. Banks and David Kay

What sources first told The Sports Bank on Sunday has been confirmed; Badgers junior forward Jon Leuer is out indefinitely after injuring his wrist in Sunday’s victory against previously unbeaten Purdue.

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