Danica Patrick to go “Honey Badger” this NASCAR Season


This whole “Honey Badger” trend/jargon/catch-phrase is getting almost Tebowesque. Imagine what would happen if Tim Tebow said after today’s NFL playoff game versus the New England Patriots that he was ready to go “Honey Badger”- the entire web just might collapse.

Danica Patrick has a new NASCAR season on her hands. And she may have to make some serious adjustments this racing season as the governing body (I’d really like to govern Danica’s body! hey-yo!) has introduced rules designed to inhibit the two-car tandem drafting common at restrictor plate tracks Daytona and Talladega. So Danica’s team may have to consider some new tactics.

But Danica had some colorful words about what’s ahead.

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LSU Honey Badger Video, App, Song Drinking Game


Watching the college football national title game Monday night, you might have noticed that Brent Musburger referred to LSU cornerback Tyrann Mathieu as “the Honey Badger” as much as possible.

And when I say “you might have noticed” I actually mean it was painfully obvious to anyone who watched even a nanosecond of the game. Was he trying to be hip? Did he not know the player’s actual name? Does he just love the nickname? Was he trying to kill by alcohol poisoning the people playing the “Musburger says Honey Badger” drinking game?

Or has a generation of mindless acronyms instead of original nicknames (A-Rod, D-Will, I-Rod etc.) made us all go bucknuts when we hear an actual nickname for an athlete?

Watch two Honey Badger videos after the jump. Both narrators are men with extremely homosexual sounding voices by the way.

For more on the actual player, and the story of how he got his nickname go here

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Beware LSU Honey Badger Tyrann Mathieu, Physically and Psychologically


Funny thing about tonight’s college football national title game, the biggest star on one side, LSU, their Heisman Trophy finalist is actually a cornerback: Tyrann Mathieu.

Another funny thing about the game, he’s trying to get a psychological edge by looking up the names of mothers of Alabama football players for some trash talking on the field.

From Image CPR:

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