Disturbed, Demented Iowa Fan Analyzes Northwestern


On Thursday, I will continue my series of Brutally Honest Big Ten college football Game Previews, this week focusing on the Northwestern Wildcats versus the Iowa Hawkeyes. but Before doing so, I’d like for you to take a look at what is the most disturbed and frightfully detailed vivisection of Northwestern football that I have ever seen. (Well, the piece did they last season with featuring Pat Fitzgerald and a baked potato is more appropriately described by that sense, but I can’t seem to find that link anymore)

It comes from a post written this past summer by SB Nation’s Hawkeyes blog “Black Heart, Gold Pants.”

Now you may wonder why a fan of such a solid program like Iowa would take the time to dismantle our Cats? This excerpt explains:

since The Beginning Of History in 1995 (which is crazy because I totally remember the ’80s and they were bitchin’) Northwestern’s held a 9-5 advantage, including wins in four of the last five encounters (and three straight in Kinnick).

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