What Is The Big Ten’s Next Expansion Move?

With Nebraska in the fold (and Zombie Tom Osborne apparently their athletic director — seriously, he looks undead in that photo!), The Big Ten has some decisions to make.

Do they stay at 12 teams? Do they continue to expand as all their major conference counterparts frantically do the same, or do they save themselves?

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What does Nebraska Basketball Bring to Big Ten? Not Much.

Nebraska basketball

Nebraska is officially a member of the Big Ten… or whatever it will end up being called after all the dust has settled.  While the move makes sense both financially and to improve the quality of football in the conference, the switch does absolutely nothing for college basketball.

By: David Kay
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Boise St. leaves WAC for Mountain West

boise state

That conference was wack! straight up WAC. That’s what Boise St. was thinking, as they bolted today, opting to join the Mountain West conference. It’s a step up for a program that was SHAFTED BIG TIME by BCS BS last season. They could be a top 5 team when the preseason rankings come out.

They aren’t going to be known first and foremost for the blue home field much longer.

By Paul M. Banks

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