Portland Trail Blazers should be very active this off-season

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At the beginning of the 2011-2012 season, the Portland Trail Blazers were my sleeper pick to make a run in the Western Conference.  I looked like a genius early on as the Blazers won seven of their first nine games.  Things quickly turned downhill though as Portland missed out on the playoffs and now enters the off-season with a boat load of needs.

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Applying the Allan Houston Rule to the NBA Northwest Division Teams in 2011

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One of the topics expected to be discussed during the NBA Lockout is the possible revival of The Allan Houston Rule.  When a new CBA was agreed upon in 2005, it allowed NBA teams a one time opportunity to waive a player and not have his contract count against the luxury tax teams have to pay if their team salary exceeds a pre-determined amount set by the league.  The released player becomes a free agent but his salary still gets paid and counts against his former team’s salary cap.  Ironically enough, Allan Houston was not a victim of The Allan Houston Rule.  The Knicks instead decided to waive Jerome Williams.

If the new CBA once again invokes this clause, most teams will probably take advantage since it would save them possibly tens of millions of dollars.  To keep up with the times, we will change the name of this from “The Allan Houston Rule” to the “Rashard Arenas Rule” since Rashard Lewis and Gilbert Arenas easily have the two worst contracts in the league.  Allow me to break down each team and who would end up being the casualties of this rule.  Here is the Northwest Division.

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What Can Blazers Do This Off-Season to Reach the Next Level?

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Like we are currently seeing in the NFL, the 2011 NBA off-season is up in the air with a lockout looming.  Free agency could be delayed and completely restructured depending on the new agreement reached by the owners and players.  Still, The Sports Bank continues to break down all thirty NBA teams to see what areas they need to address in the off-season.

The Portland Trail Blazers have made the playoffs in each of the past three seasons, but have not gotten past the first round.  This off-season, Portland looks to put the pieces together in hopes of becoming true NBA title contenders.

By: David Kay

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Patience Key for Blazers This Off-Season

Brandon Roy Blazers

Patience has paid off for the Blazers’ franchise.  Their re-building youth movement is now seeing results as Portland is a true threat in the Western Conference.  But what can they do this off-season to try and become one of the elite teams in the league?

By: Peter Christian and David Kay
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NBA Power Rankings: #7 Portland Trail Blazers


By: David Kay

2008-09 Season Summary:

The Trailblazers made their expected jump into the elite of the Western Conference but they didn’t take the planned route to get there. After drafting Greg Oden two years ago and then losing him for the year and still improving by 9 games, the addition of two elite rookies to their already young team was enticing. However, Oden was nowhere near the impact player he was expected to be and Jerryd Bayless was less than influential. Rudy Fernandez was the impact rookie to go along with Brandon Roy’s leap into one of the league’s best players and LaMarcus Aldridge’s continued progress that led the Blazers to a 13 game improvement and a return trip to the play-offs for the first time since 2003.

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