Big 10 Championship Game: Lambeau or Soldier Field?


Now that Nebraska is a part of the Big Ten, the Big 10 is actually a 12 team league, while the Big 12 now truly has ten teams. Which of course makes a ton of sense. Like the 1995-2001 NFC West division in the NFL. It contained the Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, St Louis Rams and New Orleans Saints. Yes, nothing says “west” like two teams in the Eastern time zone, and two more in the Central.

Anyways, illogical naming aside, having NU in the Big 10 means 12 teams which=championship game. That means boku bucks, and it could start in 2011 or 2012. But where? The home of the Chicago Bears? Green Bay Packers? Indianapolis Colts? Cleveland Browns?

By Paul M. Banks

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