Casting the New York Jets in MTV’s Jersey Shore

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The 2010 New York Jets (who play their home games in New Jersey) literally began their NFL season on a reality show; with all their internal drama readily available for viewing pleasure. On HBO’s Training Camp: Hard Knocks, plenty of semi-scripted, Hawthorne Effect induced storylines ensued. As the season went on, more debauchery went down.

Today’s reality television landscape (if there is such a thing as “reality” tv anymore) is dominated by a show “documenting” the trashy lifestyle of 8 guidos and guidettes spending an alcohol fueled summer together in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. And there’s more than a few similarities between the Garden State’s two most popular and trashiest, out-of-control frat houses.

Let’s examine them. “CAN’T WAIT” as Jets LB Bart Scott would say.

Note this is being re-run from last winter. We’ll have to re-cast and find a new spot for Plaxico; and get rid of Braylon

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Jets LB Bart Scott Needs to Switch to Decaf or Something (Video)


Yes, you and your New York Jets teammates just upset a highly favored New England Patriots team. And that is quite impressive for an out of control frat house. Your team of classless, shameless self-aggrandizing troglodytes is moving on. But seriously chill out!

I don’t know if this roid rage or whatever the hell is it is, but please tone it down a notch Bart Scott. You still haven’t won anything yet. And as Atlanta learned the very night before, being a one seed means a helluva lot less than it used to in today’s NFL. You already beat the Patriots this year.

And this has been a season in which nothing is predictable and makes any sense. So maybe a unit of absurd, arrogant jackasses, led by the biggest arrogant jackass of all should win?

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