Chicago Bears Super Bowl Shuffle Re-Written with 2011 Team

Super Bowl Shuffle Reunion? Lord Help us All

By Paul M. Banks

In America, every single holiday is pretty much all about consumption and consumerism. Therefore, the Super Bowl, a day in which the opportunity to sell us crap costs more than it does at any other point, is truly our national holiday. It’s the time when Madison Avenue’s All-Star team gets to shine. But let’s be honest the Mad Men haven’t really given us much to enjoy or talk about on Super Sunday ever since the Justin Timberlake/Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction”. However all of that will change one week from today, when Boost Mobile gives us the Super Bowl Shuffle 25 year reunion spots.

The Sports has acquired these exclusive advance teaser clips for your amusement (and/or bemusement). I still remember giving the original Super Bowl Shuffle 45 record away in a 1st grade Christmas party grab bag. So I guess I’m getting old. Especially since I don’t recall being this excited about a Super Bowl advertisement. I really can’t.

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