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By Rikki Greenberg

It was all about the field goals during the Jets 16-13 loss to The Oakland Raiders (2-4) at the Oakland Coliseum in Week 7 of the NFL regular season. Jets (3-3) kicker Jay Feely and Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski were responsible for 12 of the 20 points scored during the game. The critical point for Feely came with 26 seconds left in the fourth quarter when he missed a 52-yard field goal attempt. Raiders coach Tom Cable called a time out before the kick took place and Feely got another chance at Green and White Glory. Feely goes for it again and hits a successful 52-yard field goal attempt that tied the score 13-13 and sent the Jets into overtime.

Due to the lack of productivity by the Jets offense in overtime, Raiders coach Tom the Cable Guy and his team of technicians extended the Jets-Raiders programming to a 57-yard field goal attempt resting solely on the shoulders of Janikowski. If Janikowski makes it, the Raiders get their first win at home and dignity is restored to the team. If he doesn’t make it, then Tom the Cable Guy will be available on Sundays between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. to fix your cable.
No worries Coach because Janikowski’s field goal is good! Get out your record books and bust open the White Zinfandel because Janikowski’s 57-yard field goal was the longest ever overtime game-winning kick in NFL history.

Luckily, Janikowski’s field goal attempt wasn’t the only highlight of the game.
In the spirit of celebrating kickers, let’s also shine the spotlight on the punter and other fellow special teamers as well. In a sweet set up by the Raiders punting squad, the Black and Silver faked the punt and linebacker John Alston ran away with the ball for a new set of downs.


Did you pay attention to the Raiders punter Shane Lechler? He didn’t do anything except a beautiful high-kick into the air. You can’t teach that amount of beauty in a kick. You just can’t. (Note the sarcasm) On the offensive side of the ball for Mangenius and the gang, the Big Cheese (21 of 38 for 197 with 2 INT) got to play wide receiver during a wildcat play with 10:00 to go in the fourth quarter.  Former collegiate quarterback and current wide receiver Brad Smith took his place in the pocket and got a first down for the Jets. Smith ran for a 36-yard gain on the next play, which led to an 11-yard up the middle run by Jets running back Leon Washington for a touchdown towards the middle of the fourth quarter. 

Running back Thomas Jones didn’t have too shabby of a day either. In fact, he had one of his best days of the season with 159 rushing yards to lead the Jet’s offense.
Regardless of their being unable to stop Jones and the Jets running game, the Raiders defense excelled in interrupting the passing game. Raiders strong safety Gibril Wilson was responsible for one of the two Old Man River interceptions.  The Raiders front four defense did a good job pressuring Favre, causing his productivity and accuracy to decrease dramatically. Standout Raiders defensive end Trevor Scott came away with his first two quarterback sacks of the season.

Despite a shaky performance last Sunday against the Saints, the Raiders offense showed some life during Week 7 against the Jets.  Raiders mammoth-of-a-quarterback JaMarcus Russell (17 of 30 for 203 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT) showed sparks of his former LSU days when he rolled left on a play and connected with Raiders wide receiver Javon Walker for a touchdown.  Even though the Raiders offense managed to score only one touchdown throughout the game, they did do an excellent job of gaining good field position for the next set of plays.

Raiders running back Darren McFadden secured a first down for the Raiders with a gain of 16 in the third quarter to set up the touchdown pass to Walker. Raiders second-season tight end Zach Miller connected with Russell in overtime on a 28-yard gain to set up the game winning field goal for Janikowski. The next match up for the Jets will be against the Kansas City Chiefs (1-5) at the Meadowlands and the Oakland Raiders will face the Baltimore Ravens (3-3) in M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.


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  1. I wonder if there’s anyone in the NFL who could outdrink Raiders PK Sebastian Janikowski?

  2. Peter Christian says

    Forget outdrink Sea Bass, who could out last him on a three day weekend of drinking and illicit drugs in Vegas. The answer: Tony Montana, Hunter S. Thompson and George Jung.

  3. Good article Ms. Greenberg.

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