NFL Mock Draft 4-8

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  1. Yikes why are you peeing in my Cheerios with those Niner picks. If you have to go DL go Cody, or OLB go Graham but I would much rather see mays at 17. Or rb Spiller or Best? Or OL go for Iupati or Davis or how about Kyle Wilson. Any of those picks please but don’t do me like that.

  2. paulmbanks says

    Hahahahaha. I thought most Niners fans liked my picks now? They weren’t very happy about them before! certainly. Mostly focused on trying to fit scheme here in making these choices.

    Wilson’s stock has shot up recently. Mays has fallen quite a bit. I didn’t pick Cody cuz I still say he’s eaten himself out of the second round. Even Warren Sapp didn’t look that bad on draft day. He’s built like Camyrn Mannheim

    Iupati is a legitimate consideration.

  3. paulmbanks says

    I will say this SF is the most intriguing team of all for the 1st round in the whole NFL….thanks FoDaddy, you just gave me a great idea for an article!

    My Pats are the most intriguing team for the second round

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