Matt Flynn for the Win: Packers Embarrass Lions Without Key Starters









With Aaron Rodgers resting on the bench, who would have thought the Green Bay Packers would put up 550 total yards of offense and 45 points?

Back-up QB Matt Flynn had a career day with a franchise record six touchdowns and 480 passing yards in the 45-41 shootout win at Lambeau Field.

Since 1970, Flynn is the 3rd QB to throw for 3 or more TDs in his first two starts. The other two were Dan Marino and Kurt Warner.

For the Lions, QB Matthew Stafford put up college-like numbers with 520 yards and five touchdowns. And there was that Calvin Johnson guy with 244 receiving yards as well.

After Sunday’s performance, Flynn is most likely assured a starting job somewhere in the NFL next season. Included in the deal will be a large pay-increase, meaning there is no way he comes back to Green Bay to sit behind Rodgers in the near future.

One of the reasons Flynn flourished was the play of WR Jordy Nelson who has emerged as a legitimate top receiver. Nelson caught nine passes for 162 yards and three touchdowns.

I think it’s safe to say Flynn, Nelson, Stafford and Megatron (C. Johnson) played huge parts in leading teams to their fantasy championship this week.

Even though Rodgers had his 17 game starting streak snapped, the league’s likely MVP still had a good day while becoming the owner of the single-season passer rating record. By not playing, his 122.5 rating bypasses Peyton Manning’s mark of 121.1 set in 2004. Rodgers ends the season completing 343 of his 502 passes for 4,643 yards and 45 touchdowns.

Even though the Lions gave it their best try, they will most likely receive the sixth and final seed, earning them a trip to New Orleans in the first round of the playoffs. Meanwhile, the Packers will have a full week to rest and await their opponent in the second round.

What did you think of this crazy shootout game? If your team is without a QB, would you go after Matt Flynn? Let me know by commenting below!

Nick Grays is a senior writer at the Sports Bank where he covers the Wisconsin Badgers, Green Bay Packers, and Milwaukee Brewers. He also enjoys to share Fantasy Advice from time-to-time. Follow him on Twitter by clicking here or visit his blog Nick Knows Best.


  1. I’m a Bills fan. I would give anything to get Flynn on the Bills. The only problem they are too stupid to get a real QB. Anyone and any trade goes to get Flynn and thats for any team.

  2. Nick Grays says

    I know Flynn had a huge day, but I’m not so sure he’s an upgrade over Ryan Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick has the ability and is definitely a smart football player. What the Bills need is a wide-receiver who’s not primarily worried about breaking league rules! A consistent defense would also help.

  3. Poof officiating cost the Lions 1 TD. But what do you expect in GB.

  4. As a Packers fan, I would love to see Flynn stay (so we have a great seconds-string), but it’s obvious he plays well enough to be a starter.

  5. onehorsehitcher says

    Flynn has had a few years to watch a couple of pretty good qbs while in Green Bay. Favre and Rodgers. He has a lot of talent although he is a bit short to play in the NFL although I think he is a bit taller than Breese. Not quite a mobile but is smart and coachable. A good choice for the Vikes or KC. It will take big bucks though.

  6. Nick Grays says

    Agreed, I think he’s a decent QB in the NFL, but nothing close to a franchise QB. Maybe a Doug Flutie type of guy?

  7. Michael Gartman, Founder, CEO of, Managing Editor, says

    I didn’t watch much of the high-scoring, fun-filled frenzy, but in no way did the Packers “embarrass” the Lions, like you insinuated in the headline.

    It went right down to the wire and Matt Flynn played out of his mind. It’s not as if Aaron Rodgers would have done significantly better, considering it was a franchise record after all.

    Sure, several starters were resting on the sidelines, but Green Bay hasn’t lost in Lambeau since October 17, 2010. I’m not trying to take anything away from the Packers’ performance, but also want to do justice to the Lions. They both played a great game.

    As for Flynn, as a Texans guy, I would love him on Houston’s roster. The Texans have had to deal with “next man up” like the Packers of last year. I hope it pays off and they at least win a playoff game.

  8. Nick Grays says


    Considering the Packers rested their two best defensive players in Charles Woodson/Clay Matthews and still were able to beat the Lions is a concern for Detroit. And on the other side, the Packers didn’t have Greg Jennings (best WR), Aaron Rodgers (arguably best NFL player) or Randall Cobb (many special teams miscues early in the game). If the Lions can’t beat a team without their best players, I think that’s kind of embarrassing, just saying.

  9. Flynn will be a great QB for someone out of our division.
    He isn’t too short to play in the nfl.
    The pack has a history of providing other teams a starting QB
    from our backup inventory.
    What a great day for Matty Flynn !!!

  10. michael,

    i have to concur with nick grays. it is embarrassing that the packers rested their “A” players, overcame miscues, and still beat a “playoff team” with their back-up quarterback who put up single game franchise passing records. (packers have been around for 90 years so that is saying even more.) if a back-up quarterback can do that to the lions, what do they hope to do next week against brees who will have a full contingent of offensive weapons? its definitely embarrassing. seriously michael, you’re managing editor of a football website and you’re commenting on a game you “didn’t watch much of?” in the future, for the sake of your website, you need to rethink that. just a bit of friendly advice.

  11. Pack need to franchise Flynn and then trade him for some picks… You can’t just lose a guy like that and not get anything in return… still unbelievable what he did today…

  12. Nick Grays says

    I wish Dave, but there’s no way they could do it. Jermichael Finley will also be a free agent and makes more sense with the franchise tag. If Flynn is franchised and no one bites on a trade, the Packers would be forced to give their back-up QB around $15 million in 2012.

  13. There were 86 points scored, and given the Lions record in comebacks this season, I wouldn’t be taking to many bows, seeing they were very close to another today.
    Naturally no one has mentioned the fact that Stafford has registered 5,038 yards for the season which has passed Aaron what’s his name, who was really blown away by his own back up today. At any rate, you have to give credit where credit is due, so congradulations to Flynn.
    What I would like to know however is that being every score has to be reviewed as a matter of course, what happened to the review of the TD by Titus Young? Really though, nothing more than I expect at Lambeau in a tight game. Seen to many of these calls in the past.

  14. It was a good old fashioned shoot out. What was unique was that the receivers on both teams were getting open, often wide open. Field conditions in G.B. in January give the receivers the advantage because they know where they are going. I think the Lion’s defenders forgot to sharpen their skates before this tilt.

  15. As a Packer fan (Since 72) i was excited to see how well the Packer offense played, But the Lions Really won that Game, we all would like to think that when the Lions Receiver caught that pass that only 1 foot landed inbounds but that wasnt the case, But over all it was a great game

  16. Nick Grays says

    John M,

    I’m not even going to respond to your comments on Aaron Rodgers because you obviously don’t like the guy. Lots of people are talking about Matthew Stafford’s yardage total, just doesn’t seem more impressive than what Drew Brees has done. Rodgers did set the all-time mark for passer rating, no big deal though right?

    On the Titus Young call, it was a touchdown, but if you are familiar with NFL rules, you would understand. Unless they call it a touchdown, a scoring play is not reviewed. Because Detroit had no challenges, there was no possible way to look at the play. I don’t see it as a stupid rule because it’s getting kind of ridiculous how many plays get reviewed as it is. Bad luck for the Lions, but you cannot possibly think that one play decided the outcome in this one.

  17. Nick, thank you for responding to those who make absurd comments. Its refreshing to see a writer who knows what he is talking about and defend his writing. As for you Lions fans…. your team is not the only thing you should be embarrassed about.

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