Top Three Joe Burrow Rookie Cards to Invest in Right Now


The number one overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft out of LSU, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is having himself a fine rookie season in the NFL.

Therew is every reason to believe he is on his way to becoming a franchise QB in the National Football League. With that in mind, here are three of the best options, if you are looking to obtain a Joe Burrow rookie card on the open market right now.

2020 Panini Origins Joe Burrow RC #RA-JB

From the Rookie Autographs subset, we’re starting off with Burrow’s 2020 Panini Origins card. Unlike the others to make the list, the player is featured in his NFL gear, as he clutches a football in a solid action shot.

It has a silver chrome trim, while the on-card auto is found at the base, filled in blue ink. There’s a variety of parallels to look out for, with the serial number located on the front of the card. It has a strong look, and a clean design. Compared to many of the cluttered options released this year, it’s a great investment piece if you can afford the significant outlay.

2020 Panini Contenders Joe Burrow RC #101

Always a popular choice with collectors, the Rookie Ticket found in the 2020 Panini Contenders set is next up. To make things slightly more difficult, the RPS College Ticket Autographs Set contains a trio of image variations, each numbered 101.

The base card shows Burrow in white and yellow, while the B variation features an image of the player in purple. The final card has Burrow in white and yellow again, but he holds a football to his right, instead of his left.

Any of the three are worth a fair amount when looking at signed parallels. As always, we’d recommend the Cracked Ice editions, which offer the perfect mix of rarity and affordability.

2020 Panini Score Signature Joe Burrow RC #360

Finally, we’re looking at Burrow’s card from the 2020 Panini Score Signature release. Like the base set, the rookie autographs display college images, which is why there’s a large LSU emblem found in the top left corner of the card.

It has a traditional design, with a thick white border and an action shot of the player as he prepares to make a pass. As well as an RC logo, there’s a stickered auto found at the base, although it’s hidden well as it blends into the background.


  1. Where can the auto be found on the cards?

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