Jets reporters, NO ONE cares about Tim Tebow practice interceptions



Performances in NFL OTAs matter about as much NHL games in September, garbage time minutes in October NBA games, spring college football and split squad spring training scrimmages in MLB. So why is it headline news that Tim Tebow that threw two picks at New York Jets organized team activities? WHO CARES?

Why is it breaking news that he doesn’t know the offense yet? He just got there. I know Tebow is and is going to be the most highly covered backup QB in NFL history, but there’s still a limit. Enough is enough. Do we need another day when ESPN devoted an entire SportsCenter to him and mentioned his name once every 15 seconds or whatever it was?

Here’s a Q&A from the Green Bay Packers website

Andrew from San Diego, CA writes the “Ask Vic” column

Is the media coverage on Tim Tebow’s practice interceptions the equivalent to baseball coverage of a pitcher’s progress in spring training? Is it the media trying too hard to fill the NFL void its popularity has created?

Yeah, it is. The question I get more than any other at this time of the year is, “How did so and so look?” So I tell them. I don’t think players should be judged by their performance in OTAs, but people keep asking so I give them what they want. I’m sure Jets reporters are inundated with questions about how Tebow looks, so they tell them. If nobody asked, we wouldn’t tell.

Fair enough, but why are so many asking? It’s so early and the answers don’t matter all that much right now.

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