How to Host a Fantasy Football Draft


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Fantasy Football is an incredibly rewarding hobby enjoyed by many throughout the world. It can be enjoyed by fans at any knowledge level, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any strategy to it. Even if you aren’t interested in complex statistics and probabilities, you’ll want to practice your trash talk and poker face for the first step of any fantasy football league – the draft. Here are some great tips on how to run the draft for your league’s owners (players).

Schedule It Early

You’ll want to have your fantasy football draft wrapped up just as the pre-season exhibition games happen, and definitely before the season starts. Aim for the Labor Day weekend and make sure all the owners in your league are available. Plan it at a venue (some bars offer draft party specials) or someone’s home with lots of space to work and provide a good internet connection for those who want to look at stats in real-time during your draft. This might be a serious hobby for some, so schedule and plan draft day early.

Write Down and Circulate the Rules

Don’t drown the owners of your league in rules, but make sure they’re documented and passed around before the draft. You’ll want everyone familiar with them before the draft day so that you aren’t left squabbling about rules on the day. Consider trade policies, where your draft and league will be hosted, and a dispute resolution method in case any arise. If you’re wagering money on your league like you would if sports betting online, it’s a good time to clarify what the fees and prizes of the league will be.

Invest in the Right Equipment

The first thing you’ll need to run a successful draft is the draft board. You can make your own from a large poster board with a column for each team. The exact method differs from league to league but being able to represent it visually will help speed up the process immensely. Don’t forget to color code positions and update the board as the draft progresses.

Have a Neutral Party Run the Draft

If you’re playing in the league as an owner, you’ll probably struggle to both run the draft and be part of it, so you should consider asking a neutral third-party to actually run the draft. The important job of keeping time and settling disputes can be left up to this third-party person or people to ensure the entire process and draft is fair, and you have enough time to focus on your team too. Ideally, this person should also serve as the league commissioner for the season, so they should be involved throughout.

If you have friends or colleagues new to the world of fantasy football, try and ease them into the way your league is run. Don’t be too hard on them, particularly in the draft because if they’re not able to make a worthy team, they’ll be out of it early in the season and likely lose interest. There are plenty of mock draft websites available for newbies to use, so be a team player and prepare your new owners ahead of draft day. Remember, ultimately, it’s about having fun!

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