Deion Sanders: “49ers Players Want Jim Harbaugh Out”



(UPDATE: tensions between the Niners players and Jim Harbaugh rise)

(UPDATE: Jim Harbaugh considered candidate for Oakland Raiders job)

Like Deion Sanders said, “it’s our responsibility to tell them what’s real.” He espoused this value last night on NFL Network stating that his sources inside the 49ers locker room are telling him that the Niners players not really playing for coach Jim Harbaugh and that they actually want him out. He said this on NFL Gameday Final last night.

(Update: Deion doubles down on these comments)

Here’s the video and the transcription courtesy of NFL Network. 

“I really want to know if they’re really playing for their head coach. I’ve got a question with that. Are you really down with your head coach San Francisco 49ers? I’m not hard to find. Because the way it looks to me, and what I’m hearing, you’re really not down with your head coach and that’s a problem.”


– “[Colin Kaepernick] doesn’t look like the Kaep that we know and love. The reason he was rewarded this huge contract is because his mobility, [and] what he presented us outside the pocket. It seems like now they’re trying to prove that he’s a pocket passer. He is not that. Get this guy out of the pocket, let him move around the field and do what he’s gifted to do.” – Deion Sanders on San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick who was 17/30 for 218 yards two touchdowns, one interception and added 58 yards rushing.

Deion is never afraid to speak his mind. Listen to what he said about the issues facing the Dallas Cowboys this season, as well as his bold critique of the Chicago Bears run defense. 

He had some interesting comments about the Green Bay Packers too. Although that’s nothing compared to what his NFL Network colleague Marshall Faulk had to say about the New York Jets wide receivers! Ooh that’s harsh.

Back to Prime Time. As you might expect, a lot of Niners fans didn’t respond too kindly to Deion’s words. He addressed that on his Twitter account.

When asked if he has lost the locker room, Harbaugh was predictably and understandably chippy about it. He was asked about these rumors at his press conference today and said “personally, I think that’s a bunch of crap.”

What if it’s not though? Where where does this leave Jim Harbaugh? Does he land at Michigan? Or is the University more interested in his brother instead? The Coaching carousel will be here before you know it.

Jim Harbaugh-49ers-michigan-wolverines

On a side note, here’s an exclusive podcast with Deion Sanders in which he sings a little bit of Johnny Gill. 

I still say that Jim would be the perfect fit in Ann Arbor, for numerous reasons.

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