Marshall Faulk TOTALLY RIPS NY Jets WRs



All the NFL pundits are ripping the Jets these days. Here’s a collection of a few quips from talking heads on Sunday alone.

NFL Network personality and legendary former NFL pass catcher/runner Marshall Faulk is not a big believer in the New York Jets. At least not the Jets receiving corps. Check out this soundbite from NFL Network’s NFL Gameday Final last night:

 “They need to go see their GM for putting these receivers around them because [Geno Smith] had better talent in college than he has at receiver right now.” – Marshall Faulk on New York Jets fans booing Geno Smith

Yes, for all the talk about replacing Geno with Mike Vick (yes, we did one of those posts too), how about re-examining the receivers? Ok Stephen Hill is/was probably a big time draft bust. However, they have Eric Decker, who is a big name. Perhaps he’s just not really the same player when you separate him from Peyton Manning though. Tight End Jace Amaro was a high draft pick with potential. Jeff Cumberland was a big name recruit when he came to Illinois, but he didn’t pan out with the Illini, and you shouldn’t have high expectations for him in New York either. But he’s only a fourth option; at best a third.



The number two option on the Jets is Jeremy Kerley, and therein lies the rub. That’s a major problem. I see where Marshall Faulk is coming from. I’m not even going to bring up Jets WR4-WR6, because there’s no way you or I have ever heard of them. But what about the comparison to Smith’s college receivers? Well Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey were pretty solid for the 2012 West Virginia Mountaineers. And you know how talented Austin is; what potential he has.

So Marshall Faulk is intentionally exaggerating for the sake of hyperbole; but he’s not that far off.

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