Mike Ditka goes more meathead on Icognito, Martin mess



Mike Ditka doubled down today on his meatball stance regarding the Richie Incognito vs. Jonathan Martin mess in Miami. Earlier in the week Ditka said Martin should have simply beaten Icognito up. Because, yep that would cleanly solve this whole mess right up.

“When this would happen in my time: you take the bully and you kick his butt,” Mike Ditka said, via Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitch. “I mean you go to ‘fist city’ with this guy.”

Today on ESPN NFL countdown, Ditka called Martin a baby.

The full Mike Ditka quote from this morning: “If I was the coach, I’ll not have either Incognito, the bully, or the baby, Martin, on my team. That’s me. Does that make me right? No. It makes me, me. I will stand up for that.”


I’m all for Mike Ditka standing up for what he believes in and voicing his opinion. And with a platform like Bristol that voice is a zillion times louder than my own. However, I think I’ve had enough of Ditka’s “analysis,” which is often times primitive propaganda pandering to meatheads. That’s twice now Ditka has added zilch to the serious topic dominating NFL discussions right now.

As much as I think Mike Ditka the NFL analyst has jumped the shark, Mike Ditka the political pundit is even worse. I despise the cliche “stick to sports” argument being thrown at sports pundits, so I’ll stay away from saying that. I’m being fair- I don’t want to hear Mike Ditka discuss sports or politics. And as I Chicagoan, I know this is sacrilege. I’m prepared to face the wrath for my non-interest in what Mike Ditka has to say.

If you disagree with me and happen to be a fan of Ditka’s opinions, fine. However, you have to admit the Mike Ditka Halloween costume is WAY OVERPLAYED. And even more over-saturated and ANNOYING are the Mike Ditka local ads. Enough is enough; of the Sarah Palin of football!

Paul M. Banks is the owner of The Sports Bank.net, an affiliate of Fox Sports. He’s also an analyst for multiple news talk radio stations across the nation. Follow him on Twitter (@paulmbanks) and RSS

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