Aaron Rodgers’ Fun-Filled Media Conference Call


Aaron Rodgers' Exit

Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers had an extremely productive 2008, throwing for over 4,000 yards and 29 TDs against just 13 INTs, for a passer rating of 93.8. It was a stellar season, and with a full year of starting under his belt, not to mention the fact he no longer has to deal with the distraction of any Diva ex-Packer QBs, and the media circus following the situation- logic dictates that he should settle even more into his starting role, and put up even bigger numbers in 2009. On Wednesday, he was on conference call with the Chicago media in preparation for the Bears-Packers game Sunday night.

We all know that athletes are well-coached by their respective PR departments in what to say (by that I mean don’t say anything substantive or remotely negative), but it was still very entertaining to hear the Chi sports media try and get Rodgers to utter something provocative  about the game. And equally funny to hear Rodgers shoot them down every single time.

Perhaps the best was when a reporter told Rodgers about how there’s been negative press about the NFC North in recent years: “There has?” Rodgers responded, and then asked what Rodgers thought about the NFC North more recent and better publicity.

“Yeah, I could care less what the media thinks about the NFC North.”

There were also questions about comparing him to other NFC North quarterbacks, his team to other division teams, comparing team rivalries as well as player rivalries and they all yielded gems such as these:

“I’m not going to get into the game-plan much.”

“I don’t know. Or have an answer for you.”

“I don’t really get into that either, I don’t deal with that kind of pressure- that media stuff that sells papers and people blog about”

“I’m not even going to touch that.”aaron_rodgers

“That’s not a fun question, I’m not even going to touch that one.”

“I don’t really get into the whole comparison stuff.”

But it wasn’t all extended versions of “no comment.” Rodgers did give his opinion on the Bears defense:

“They’re a veteran defense…Brian {Urlacher} is the general out there, he’s checking blitzes and checking things at the line of scrimmage and checking out of blitzes and being the coach he is. And that allows their defense to get themselves in good situations and fly to the ball and make plays.”

And on what we should think about the Pack’s impressive showing on offense this preseason:

“We take it pretty seriously here, and we’re excited about the things we’ve done, we realize none of those stats carry over, but the momentum and the good feelings we have and we’ll take that with us. Along with the confidence we’ve built from it.”

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  1. Well, he’s certainly different from Brett Favre in the asking himself and then answering his own questions in press conferences

  2. You mean like Cary Elwes in that Seinfeld episode? Rodgers is the best quarterback in that division and will be a top 5 NFL quarterback soon enough.

  3. J Peterman was even better, instead of answering asking/answering his own questions, he told short stories to himself

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