Hundreds Protest Colin Kaepernick Backballing; Best #ImWithKap Tweets



Is Colin Kaepernick being black-balled by the NFL do to his political stances?

Well, it’s very difficult to completely verify, but it almost certainly appears so, given how this summer has shaped out in the NFL free agent quarterback market. Colin Kaepernick has been passed over time and time again this preseason, in favor of quarterbacks who are extremely less talented and much less accomplished than him.

The numbers don’t lie, and Kaepernick has put up much better numbers, even last season, than many of the signal callers that have been signed instead of him.


Again, you can’t actually 100% prove that he’s being black-balled, but we seem 99% certain that he is. The scrub QBs getting jobs ahead of him speaks to that, as does just how far to the right most NFL owners lean politically. Additionally, the NFL is right now more corporate than it’s ever been, and being corporatized means going out of your way to avoid any kind of controversy, or anyone ever getting offended, at all times, no matter what the cost.

Perhaps the greatest example of this is ESPN and their bone-headed Robert Lee broadcasting assignment decision.

Team are cutting down media access, and the access they provide is getting less worthwhile. What the players say during that access is becoming more and more pointless by the day. This in turn has led to the sports media landscape dumbing down and becoming more corporate, doing more talking while at the same time saying a whole lot less.

At the same exact time, the political atmosphere in this country is getting more charged and divisive than ever before. Deservedly so, as the stakes are higher than they ever have been. You cannot be a fence sitter right now.

You have to keep speaking out, as over a thousand did in support of Colin Kaepernick yesterday at NFL headquarters in midtown Manhattan.

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Protestors, demonstrators, activists, whatever you want to call them, came out in full force showing their resolve to boycott the NFL on behalf of Colin Kaepernick and his first amendment rights being silenced. Here are some of the more poignant Colin Kaepernick and #ImWithKap Tweets from yesterday.

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