Will the Lakers trade Andrew Bynum?


Andrew Bynum

One thing is clear: the Lakers need to shakeup their roster and GM Mitch Kupchak noted that today. After getting bounced in the second round of the playoffs for the second year in a row, the Lakers are looking for answers. They tried to acquire Chris Paul but the league denied it. They were “shopping” Andrew Bynum, but only for Dwight Howard. They ended up keeping Bynum and he had a very productive season. Despite having his best season of his career, Bynum might be on the move. But with his care-about-nothing attitude could probably care-less. So what could the Lakers get for him?

It was clear that Bynum never respected head coach Mike Brown. Bynum took three-point shots in a game earlier in the season and, afterwards, said that he was going to keep working on his jump shot. He lacks character, clear judgment, and brains. But he has all the potential in the world and teams would kill to have a center like Bynum, in a league that lacks centers. With that being said, Bynum is also the Lakers most valuable asset after Pau Gasol lost value with his post-season performance. Here are a few ideas of what the Lakers might try to get in-return for Bynum. Some of these are possibilities and some are realities.

1. Andrew Bynum heads to Brooklyn for Brook Lopez and Deron Williams – This would be a bit of a stretch and the Lakers would probably have to trade Pau Gasol, too. Deron Williams would have to do a sign-and-trade with the Nets in order for it to work for both teams. Brook Lopez would fill the center spot, but it would be a bit of a risk because he is hurt a lot. But Williams would be a major upgrade from Ramon Sessions.

2. Andrew Bynum heads to Orlando for Dwight Howard – This is the trade that the Lakers want but the trade that the Magic doesn’t want to do. Orlando loves Howard and Howard loves Orlando. The Lakers have been pursuing Howard for well over a year now but haven’t put together the right package to acquire Superman. It’s like the girl you are trying to impress but it just isn’t working out the way you want it to. Then before you know it, she is going out with a person you despise and Howard ends up in Brooklyn.

3. Andrew Bynum takes his talents to South Beach for Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh – If the Miami Heat doesn’t win a title this season, Pat Riley has said that a roster shake-up is coming. The Heat lacks size inside, and Bynum would fill that void. Wade is getting older and Bosh has been criticized for his play, at times. If Bosh arrives in L.A., then it’s certain that Gasol is going somewhere else. Wade and Bryant would be an interesting backup, but it still doesn’t solve their need for a point guard.

4. Andrew Bynum head to Sac-town for DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans – What’s worse: a headache or a migraine? The nice thing is both of these players have the ability to get on their coaches bad side. Cousins managed to get his coach fired. But you can’t deny Cousins talent. He is younger and, I think, is tougher than Bynum. He really improved this season (18 and 11). Bynum averaged 19 and 12. Once Cousins’ contract is up, he is going to demand a lot of money but it’s less of a burden on the black card than Bynum’s $16 million player option this next season. And the Lakers would also receive Evans, a combo-guard who can score and dish.

5. Bynum heads to Boston for Rajon Rondo, Kevin Garnett and a 1st round pick – Rondo would fill the Lakers need for a point guard and Garnett could be a fill-in-the-void center with Gasol at the PF spot and Kobe Bryant at the two-guard. That leaves the small forward spot up-for-grabs. With that first round pick, the Lakers could draft a rookie small forward and start him. Rondo would make it easier for Bryant to score because Bryant could come off of screens, instead of having to back his defender down from the three-point line.


  1. Hustle Hill says

    You’ve got to be kidding me. You’ve overstated Bynum’s value in each of these trades? I wouldnt trade Andrew Bynum for Demarcus Cousins STRAIGHT UP!!! Let alone adding Evans. Cousins is a better player than Bynum RIGHT NOW and he’s only going into his second year. Plus Bynum is far too injury-prone. But then to demand D-WADE AND BOSH TOO??? That’s crazy!! Bynum hasn’t proven he could be a number one option. However Wade and Bosh have. I can understand Bosh for Bynum straight up but D-Wade too? Bynum’s best season as a pro (this year) he averaged 18 and 11!!! That’s not franchise player numbers….

  2. Jarrod Peterson says

    Listen Wade will be 31 years old next year. What is one thing the Miami lacks? An inside presence. Bynum is better than Cousins, don’t kid yourself there. And if Bynum went to the Heat, he wouldn’t be a #1 option. LeBron is still there! Bynum would be the #1 option in Sacramento. Cousins has been a total headcase and yes, he has had some nice games, but is his team winning? No. Are the Lakers winning? Yes. Is it all because of Kobe Bryant and, god forbid, Pau Gasol? No, Bynum has something to do with that.

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