My “beef” with NBA contracts: Part I – Bad Contracts

Money and the NBA

I love to get paid just as much as the next guy. But when it comes to figuring out a budget and where to spend your money, I think some GM’s are lost. The absurdity of big-dollar contracts in the NBA has made me think a lot since last offseason. With another off-season just around the corner, I would like to dive into last year’s contracts that were handed out, what players did and didn’t deserve them, and then I would like to focus on this year’s contracts and who should and shouldn’t get a big deal. This might turn into a three or four-part series. Here is Part I today.  [Read more…]

Will the Lakers trade Andrew Bynum?

Andrew Bynum

One thing is clear: the Lakers need to shakeup their roster and GM Mitch Kupchak noted that today. After getting bounced in the second round of the playoffs for the second year in a row, the Lakers are looking for answers. They tried to acquire Chris Paul but the league denied it. They were “shopping” Andrew Bynum, but only for Dwight Howard. They ended up keeping Bynum and he had a very productive season. Despite having his best season of his career, Bynum might be on the move. But with his care-about-nothing attitude could probably care-less. So what could the Lakers get for him?

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Sacramento Kings face off-season uncertainty on and off the court

maloof brothers kings

The Sacramento Kings franchise is a mess; both on and off the court.  They enter the off-season with a ton of uncertainty as to whether or not the Maloof brothers will even keep the team in Sacramento past next year.  The product on the court is struggling to find the identity and chemistry needed to dig themselves out of the NBA Western Conference cellar.

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Ricky Rubio Joins the Timberwolves; Early Favorite for Rookie of the Year?

After what might be the longest negotiation in the history of professional sports, Ricky Rubio has finally agreed to be a part of the NBA team that drafted him. 706 days after David Kahn and the Minnesota Timberwolves selected Rubio with the 5th overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft, it appears the two parties have agreed to join forces for the 2011-12 season and beyond.

By Peter Christian

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Sacramento Kings Enter Off-Season With A Ton of Cap Space

sacramento kings cheerleaders

Like we are currently seeing in the NFL, the 2011 NBA off-season is up in the air with a lockout looming.  Free agency could be delayed and completely restructured depending on the new agreement reached by the owners and players.  Still, The Sports Bank will break down all thirty NBA teams over the next six weeks to see what areas they need to address in the off-season.

The Sacramento Kings continue their youth movement this summer but also have more cap space to spend in free agency than any other team in the NBA.  Here is a look at what areas they should try to up-grade this off-season.

By: David Kay

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2009 NBA Draft Re-do

By: Peter Christian and David Kay

It’s the NBA All-Star Break which means it’s time for The NBA Lottery Re-do with David Kay and Peter Christian. In the 2nd Annual Edition, the two basketball nerds re-pick the lottery portion of the 2009 NBA Draft with the knowledge that they have now (i.e. rookie performances, free agent signings and trades) about the teams involved. Peter Christian won the toss this year and has decided to select the odds.
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2010 NBA Rookie of the Year Race

*Nov 21 - 00:05*

By David Kay

Now that the free-agency period is starting to sort itself out, we have a better grasp on what roles the class of 2009 will be playing on the teams that drafted them. Here is a very early look at my prediction for how the Rookie of the Year race might shake down.


1. Blake Griffin, Clippers (1st overall)

’09-’10 Prediction: 17 ppg, 9 rpg

Now that the Clips have rid themselves of Zach Randolph, Griffin will have every opportunity to play 36 minutes a night at power forward. He was the obvious choice to be the No. 1 pick, and is also the obvious choice for rookie of the year. That is assuming his banged-up shoulder recovers rather than hinders his first season as a cursed Clipper.


 2. Tyreke Evans, Kings (4th overall)

’09-’10 Prediction: 20 ppg, 5 rpg, 6 apg, 2 spg

This is about the 1,263,914th time I’ve said this; Evans is going to be an absolute stud. He is playing for one of the worst teams in the league and will have every chance to chuck up at least 20 shots a night. His size allows him to crash boards. His handles and slashing abilities will give him plenty of assist opportunities. His length and quickness will get him a good amount of steals. If Evans can develop a consistent jumper, he will eventually hover around the 30-point-per-game mark in the NBA. Yup, I just said that.


3. Jonny Flynn, Timberwolves (6th overall)

’09-’10 Prediction: 15 ppg, 7 apg, 1.75 spg

Assuming Ricky Rubio is not playing in the NBA next season, Flynn will be running the show for the T-Wolves. As proven by his 67-minute performance against UConn, Flynn is capable of playing heavy minutes on a nightly basis and will be asked to do so in Minnesota, since they don’t have a lot of depth in their backcourt. I also think he will be able to contribute right away to a young T-Wolves team that wants to run more this season.


 4. James Harden, Thunder (3rd overall)

’09-’10 Prediction: 12 ppg, 4 rpg, 3 apg

Oklahoma City will be the most intriguing young team to follow for the next couple years. Harden should benefit playing alongside an offensive threat like Kevin Durant and in the same backcourt as the speedy Russell Westbrook. He should start right away as the Thunder try to build chemistry among their future stars.


5. Brandon Jennings, Bucks (10th overall)

’09-’10 Prediction: 10 ppg, 7 apg, 2 spg

With Ramon Sessions unlikely to return to Milwaukee this season, it appears Jennings will get every opportunity to run the point. Add in the fact that the Bucks might have the least amount of talent in the league, and Jennings’ play-making abilities should net him some solid stats.


 6. Stephen Curry, Warriors (7th overall)

’09-’10 Prediction: 11 ppg, 4 apg, 3 rpg

Curry is not shy about pulling the trigger on any shot within 30 feet of the basket, which fits Golden State’s style of play perfectly. He will be gunning whenever he is on the floor. Question is, how are the Warriors going to spread the ball around with a group of players who need to get their shots to be happy?


 7. Tyler Hansbrough, Pacers (13th overall) tylerhansbrough

’09-’10 Prediction: 10 ppg, 7 rpg

I’ve always thought Hansbrough would have a steady, but not spectacular NBA career. He should be able to provide some toughness and energy off the bench for the Pacers who don’t have a lot of depth up front.




 8. DeJuan Blair, Spurs (37th overall)

’09-’10 Prediction: 9 ppg, 7 rpg

Factor in the massive chip on his shoulder for falling into the second round with the fact that the Spurs are thin up front with aging players Tim Duncan, Antonio McDyess and Theo Ratliff on the roster, and Blair should see plenty of time coming off the bench for the Spurs. I could see him having a Kevin Love-type rookie impact in San Antonio.


 9. Terrence Williams, Nets (11th overall)

’09-’10 Prediction: 8 ppg, 5 rpg, 3 apg, 2 spg

The trade of Vince Carter opens up some playing time for the versatile Terrence Williams. His ability to do a lot of different things on the floor should log him decent playing time and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is the starting small forward alongside the backcourt of Devin Harris and Courtney Lee. Like Evans, if Williams can improve his jumper, he could be a very good pro.


10. Jordan Hill, Knicks (8th overall)

’09-’10 Prediction: 9 ppg, 6 rpg

Depending on what New York does with David Lee, Hill could potentially be a starter for the Knicks this season. If Lee is retained, the former Wildcat probably comes off the bench and drops out of the top 10. Still, with his size and athleticism, he should get a chance to flourish in Mike D’Antoni’s run-and-gun offense.

Honorable Mentions: Earl Clark, Suns (14th overall), Demar DeRozan (9th overall), Wayne Ellington (28th overall)


The Wild Card:


 Ricky Rubio, Timberwolves (5th overall)

’09-’10 Prediction: 9 ppg, 6 apg, 3 rpg

It is extremely unlikely that Rubio will be playing in the NBA this season. But if he somehow ends up in a T-Wolves uniform, he should be able to make an immediate impact having been playing professionally in Europe since he was 14. However, being in the same backcourt as Flynn, another point guard, will likely effect Rubio’s assist total and drop Flynn’s numbers as well.


The Project:

 Hasheem Thabeet, Grizzlies (2nd overall)

’09-’10 Prediction: 5 ppg, 4 rpg, 1.5 bpg

I like Thabeet and can in no way deny the defensive impact he made at UConn. With that said, I still think he is a couple years away from being an effective NBA player. He will obviously get his share of rebounds and blocks when he is in the game, but I don’t see him cracking more than 12-15 minutes a game in his first season.thabeet


The Sleeper:

 DaJuan Summers, Pistons (35th overall)

’09-’10 Prediction: 8 ppg, 4 rpg

I can’t really call Blair a sleeper since (even though he was picked in the second round) everyone will be giving him that title. Summers should make more of an immediate impact with the Pistons than first-round pick Austin Daye, since Daye needs to get stronger and Detroit doesn’t have a lot of depth at forward. Minnesota’s Wayne Ellington and Toney Douglas of the Knicks could also be sleepers, especially if Rubio doesn’t play for the T-Wolves this year and if Nate Robinson leaves the Knicks.



by: David Kay

All your NBA Draft needs including my Final Mock Draft, prospect profiles, position rankings, and NBA team off-season needs are just a click away.

1. L.A. ClippersBlake Griffin, PF, Oklahoma, 6-10, So.
Poor Blake Griffin.  This has to be the worst case scenario for him.  The Clips are a destination where players just do not thrive.  They already have some talented big man in Chris Kaman, Marcus Camby, and Zach Randolph.  Maybe Griffin can be the spark and hard worker the Clipper franchise has been longing for for the past decade-plus.
Think: Amare Stoudamire

2. MemphisHasheem Thabeet, C, UConn, 7-3, Jr.
Since it appears the Griz are not trading this pick to Minnesota, Thabeet is the guy.  He could be the defensive presence Memphis badly needs.  I maintain Ricky Rubio is the second best prospect in the draft and the Griz will regret not selecting him or trading down to gain more assets.
Think: Ben Wallace, but six inches taller

3. Oklahoma City– Ricky Rubio, PG, Spain, 6-4, 1990
I get the feeling the Thunder GM Sam Presti is far too intelligent to let Rubio pass them.  Drafting the Spanish sensation means Russell Westbrook shifts to the two which may not be the ideal fit, but is worth doing to land Rubio.  P.S. Is it me or are the Thunder the best young team in the NBA if they land Rubio?
Think: Steve Nash

4. SacramentoTyreke Evans, G, Memphis, 6-5, Fr.
I am very high on Evans and apparently so are the Kings.  Sacramento needs a point guard which Evans played at Memphis, but is probably better suited as a two-guard in the NBA.  I would be curious to see how Evans and Kevin Martin would co-exist in the same backcourt.  If the Kings decide to take a more pure point guard, Jonny Flynn, Jrue Holiday, and Stephen Curry are all options.
Think: Manu Ginobli

5. Minnesota (from Washington)- Stephen Curry, G, Davidson, 6-3, Jr.
The T-Wolves have to be massively disappointing that they traded into this spot and didn’t land Rubio, Thabeet, OR Evans.  I’ve had more than one person say to me that Curry is in a way, a Randy Foye Part 2 which makes the trade with the Wiz a bit of a head scratcher.  Regardless, they need a point guard prospect with one of their top 6 picks.  Yeah, I know Curry isn’t even a real point guard.  Ish.
Think: Jason Terry

Here is the rest of my mock draft (don’t worry, you need not be an Insider like to access it)

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Interested in position rankings?

How about NBA off-season team needs?

Is Tyreke Evans the next Big Thing?


By Paul M. Banks and David Kay

I wouldn’t call it “love at first sight”, but when I was in Milwaukee for the 2008 McDonald’s All-American High School Basketball game, I was enamored by what I saw.  At the time, Tyreke Evans was undecided as to where he would play his college basketball, but I knew that his impact at whatever University was fortunate enough to land him would be felt immediately.

That certainly was the case as Evans eventually became the catalyst for John Calipari’s dribble-drive motion offense at Memphis.  A few weeks into the season, Coach Cal made the decision to put the ball in Evans’ hands and let him run the team as their point guard instead of playing him at the two; a move that catapulted the Tigers back into the national title picture after they had fallen out of the Top 25. “I felt comfortable getting my teammates the ball making other people better. I think I’m a better player with the ball in my hands, but I’ve also been playing the two all my life. So either one, it won’t really matter to me,” Evans said at the NBA Draft Combine.

It was no surprise that Evans was a “one and done” at Memphis.  If the NBA didn’t have their current rule, Evans likely would have made the jump from high school straight into the NBA.  And you wouldn’t have blamed him for doing so.  His physique is NBA-ready as demonstrated by his measurements at the NBA combine; 6’5” in shoes, 220 pounds with a 6’11” wingspan, the longest of any guard prospect in the draft.  Evans’ ability to attack the basket seems almost effortless, to the point where I have no problem comparing his game to that of a young Dwyane Wade.  (That’s quite the comparison coming from a Marquette grad.)  Similar to Wade, Evans has a fearless mentality when taking the ball to the basket and tremendous instincts when it comes to scoring.

“I studied Penny Hardaway and Tracy McGrady. They were two of my favorite players growing up. But I watch LeBron, D. Wade now everybody and try to take a little piece of their moves,” Evans said before later adding that T Mac is the probably the most accurate player to compare him to.

Evans also has the same knocks against him that Wade did when coming out of college; most notably the inconsistency with his jumper and questionable shot selection.  Like most young college players, both of those areas should improve over time as Evans matures.  The former Tiger is also sometimes careless with the basketball, often trying to do much by himself which resulted in a less than desirable 1.1/1 assist-to-turnover ratio.tyreke-evans

Evans is still learning the importance of being a nuisance on the defensive end.  He has a great read on the ball and uses his length to get in passing lanes and create fastbreak opportunities off steals.  His strength and size also allows him to be physical against equally strong opponents.  If the work is put in at the next level, Evans could develop into a Wade-type defender, able to be a factor on the perimeter or in the paint.

Since the lottery was determined, I have thought Evans would be a perfect fit in Minnesota.  The T-Wolves already have a combo guard in Randy Foye, but Evans could step onto that team and take over some of the ball-handling duties, opening up Foye for more perimeter shots.  Evans could potentially go as high as #4 to Sacramento and won’t slip past Toronto who owns the ninth pick.

While the comparisons to Dwyane Wade are admittedly quite hefty, I have no doubt that ten years from now when we look back at the NBA Draft class of 2009, Evans will be one of the top 3 players to come out of this class.

2009 NBA Mock Draft


Here are the first few picks in the first round of our NBA Mock Draft. To view the rest of the draft click here

#  1   Los Angeles Clippers:  Blake Griffin, PF, Oklahoma, 6-9, So.
Poor Blake Griffin. This has to be the worst case scenario for him. The Clips are are a destination where players just do not thrive. They already have some talented big man in Chris Kaman, Marcus Camby, and Zach Randolph. Maybe Griffin can be the spark and hard worker the Clipper franchise has been longing for for the past decade-plus.

Think: Amare Stoudamire

#2 Memphis Grizzlies: Ricky Rubio, PG, Spain, 6-4, 1990

Even though there are rumors he doesn’t want to play for Memphis, Rubio HAS to be the pick here. He is by far the second-best prospect in the 2009 NBA Draft. If I am the Griz, I either take Rubio and then trade Mike Conley for a power forward, or try to trade down a couple spots (the Kings would be a perfect partner) and pick either Hasheem Thabeet or Jordan Hill, who would fill a need for Memphis up front.

Think: Steve Nash

#3 Oklahoma City Thunder: Hasheem Thabeet, C, UConn, 7-3, Jr.

Thabeet would be the defensive presence the Thunder desperately need down low and another building block in OKC alongside Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, and Russell Westbrook. If Thabeet is taken No. 2 by Memphis, Rubio is a no brainer and Westbrook is shifted to the two-guard spot.

Think: Ben Wallace, but six inches taller

#4 Sacramento Kings: Jordan Hill, PF, Arizona, 6-10, So.

Hill is the fourth pick, but by the Grizzlies in a swap of picks. This makes too much sense (which is probably why it won’t happen.) I have made it obvious that I think Rubio is the perfect fit for the Kings and they should do everything in their power to move up to get him. Hill would be a great addition in Memphis alongside Conley, O.J. Mayo, and Rudy Gay. If the Kings can’t trade up, don’t be surprised if they reach for a point guard like Brandon Jennings or Jrue Holiday.

Think: LaMarcus Aldridge

#5 Washington Wizards: James Harden, SG, Arizona State, 6-5, So.

Early buzz has the Wizards trying to shop this pick to acquire a veteran to help them get back to the playoffs since they have the pieces in tact to do so (they just need to stay healthy.) If they can’t find a taker, Harden makes the most sense since he can come in and contribute right away and possibly grow into a solid backcourt running mate for Agent Zero.

Think: Paul Pierce

#6 Minnesota Timberwolves: Tyreke Evans, G, Memphis, 6-6, Fr.
I love Evans and think he would be the perfect fit for the T-Wolves who need a player that can attack the basket which is Evans’ strength. He can also play some point guard, a position that Randy Foye has never really taken over since arriving in Minnesota. The knock on Evans is his inconsistent outside shot, but that improves with time.

Think: Manu Ginobli

Here are the first few picks in the second round of our NBA Mock Draft. To view the rest of the draft click here

#31 Sacramento Kings: Victor Claver, F, Spain, 6-11
Claver has first-round potential but won’t be ready to come to the NBA for a couple years.

#32 Portland Blazers: Jonas Jerebko, PF, Sweden, 6-9, 1989

The Blazers have four second-round selections and will likely take a few foreign prospoects or trade a couple of the picks.

#33 Washington Wizards: Vladimir Dasic, SF, Montenegro, 1988

The Wiz have a pretty full roster and would be wise drafting a foreign player who can come over and contribute in a couple years.

#34 Denver Nuggets: Darren Collison, PG, UCLA, 6-0

A potential backup to Chauncey Billups, Darren Collison is an experienced floor leader and could sneak into the late first round.

#35 Memphis Grizzlies: Marcus Thornton, SG, LSU, Sr.

I think Thornton would be a steal of a second-round pick and could be a three-point threat off the Griz bench.

Top NBA Prospects: Shooting Guards


Here are the top 3 shooting guards in this year’s NBA Draft, for the full list click here

Tyreke Evans, Memphis

Height: 6-5. Weight: 220. Year: Fr.
Projected Selection: 4-9.
In my opinion, has superstar possibilities… Probably the best slasher in the draft… Makes getting to the basket look effortless… Strong, NBA-ready body… Handles the rock well as he played the point at Memphis… Lacks consistency with his jumper and often has poor shot selection on the perimeter.

James Harden, Arizona State

Height: 6-5. Weight: 222. Year: So.
Projected Selection: 3-9.

Crafty left-hander with a complete all-around offensive game… Has great body control when weaving through traffic in the paint… Solid outside shooter… High character guy with tremendous basketball IQ… Needs to work on his movement without the ball… Was too unselfish at times when his team needed him to be a scorer.

Demar DeRozan, USC

Height: 6-6. Weight: 211. Year: Fr.
Projected Selection: 6-11.
Blessed with ridiculous athletic abilities… Can jump out of the gym and is very fast… Showed steady improvement during his freshman season… Tenacious defender on the wing… Decent mid-range jumper, but needs to work on his shot from three-point range… Might have the highest upside of any American player in the draft.

Here are the top 3 shooting guards in this year’s NBA Draft, for the full list click here

NBA Draft Early Entrants

By David K.

The NBA released the official early entries for this year’s NBA Draft which will be held on June 25th (coincidentally enough, that is my birthday.  It’s only fitting.)  The college players who have declared but not signed an agent, thus keeping their eligibility open in case they decide to return to school, have until June 15th to make the decision to stay in the draft or pull their name off this list.  The NCAA recently moved that date to May 8th for next year with the intention of not hand-cuffing college coaches who are waiting on a player to make a decision while figuring out what to potentially do with that scholarship that would open.


*Darion Anderson-Northern Illinois, 6-2, Sophomore
*Ryan Anderson-Nebraska , 6-4, Junior
*Dominique Archie-South Carolina, 6-7,  Junior
DeJuan Blair-Pittsburgh, 6-7, Sophomore
*Derrick Brown-Xavier, 6-8, Junior
Chase Budinger-Arizona, 6-7, Junior
*Nick Calathes-Florida, 6-6, Sophomore
Earl Clark-Louisville, 6-9, Junior
*Dwayne Collins-Miami, 6-8, Junior
*Kareem Cooper-Texas-El Paso, 7-0, Junior
*Kenneth Cooper-Louisiana Tech, 6-10, Junior
*Brandon Costner-North Carolina State, 6-9, Junior
Stephen Curry-Davidson, 6-1, Junior
*Bryan Davis-Texas A&M, 6-9, Junior
*Austin Daye-Gonzaga, 6-10, Sophomore
DeMar DeRozan-Southern California, 6-7, Freshman
Eric Devendorf-Syracuse, 6-4, Junior
*Devan Downey-South Carolina, 5-9, Junior
*Osiris Eldridge-Illinois State, 6-3, Junior
Wayne Ellington-North Carolina, 6-4, Junior
*Chinemelu Elonu-Texas A&M, 6-10, Junior
*Tyreke Evans-Memphis, 6-6, Freshman
Gary Flowers-Chipola JC (FL), 6-8, Sophomore
Jonny Flynn-Syracuse, 6-0, Sophomore
*Jonathan Gibson-New Mexico State, 6-2, Junior
*Kyle Gibson-Louisiana Tech, 6-5, Junior
*Taj Gibson-Southern California, 6-9, Junior
Blake Griffin-Oklahoma, 6-10, Sophomore
D’mond Grismore-Huston-Tillotson (TX), 6-6, Junior
*Rogér Guignard-Texas-Arlington, 5-11, Junior
Daniel Hackett-Southern California, 6-5, Junior
*Luke Harangody-Notre Dame, 6-8, Junior
James Harden-Arizona State, 6-4, Sophomore
Kevin Harris-Northwest Mississippi CC, 5-11, Sophomore
*Paul Harris-Syracuse, 6-5, Junior
*Gerald Henderson-Duke, 6-5, Junior
Jordan Hill-Arizona, 6-9, Junior
*Jrue Holiday-UCLA, 6-4, Freshman
*Damion James-Texas, 6-7, Junior
James Johnson-Wake Forest, 6-9, Sophomore
*Mac Koshwal-DePaul, 6-10, Sophomore
*Gani Lawal-Georgia Tech, 6-9, Sophomore
Ty Lawson-North Carolina, 5-11, Junior
*James Lewis-Fresno Pacific, 6-4, Junior
*Darnell Lindsay-Tennessee Tech, 6-4, Junior
*Dior Lowhorn-San Francisco, 6-7, Junior
*Ater Majok-Connecticut, 6-10, Freshman
*Jodie Meeks-Kentucky, 6-4, Junior
Nate Miles-Southern Idaho, 6-7, Freshman
*Patrick Mills-St. Mary’s, 6-0, Sophomore
*Tasmin Mitchell-LSU, 6-7, Junior
B.J. Mullens-Ohio State, 7-0, Freshman
Ronald Ogoke-Paul Quinn College (TX), 7-0, Junior
*Patrick Patterson-Kentucky, 6-9, Sophomore
*Scottie Reynolds-Villanova, 6-2, Junior
*D.J. Rivera-Binghamton, 6-4, Junior
*Terrence Roderick-Alabama-Birmingham, 6-6, Sophomore
*Magnum Rolle-Louisiana Tech, 6-1, Junior
*Junior Salters-Wofford, 6-1, Junior
*Donald Sloan-Texas A&M, 6-3, Junior
*Tyler Smith-Tennessee, 6-7, Junior
DaJuan Summers-Georgetown, 6-8, Junior
*Shawn Taggart-Memphis, 6-10, Junior
*Jonathan Tavernari-BYU, 6-6, Junior
*Jeff Teague-Wake Forest, 6-2, Sophomore
Hasheem Thabeet-Connecticut, 7-3, Junior
Malcolm Thomas-San Diego City College, 6-9, Sophomore
Dar Tucker-DePaul, 6-5, Sophomore
*Jarvis Varnado-Mississippi State , 6-9, Junior
*Greivis Vasquez-Maryland, 6-6, Junior
Martez Walker-Riverside CC (CA), 6-6, Freshman
*Michael Washington-Arkansas, 6-9, Junior
*Jeremy Wise-Southern Mississippi, 6-2, Junior
*Nic Wise-Arizona, 5-10, Junior

*has not hired an agent to preserve eligibility if they choose to return to college.

International players who have applied for early entry into the 2009 NBA Draft:

Amadou Aboubakar Zaki-Nancy (France), 7-1, 1988
Rodrigue Beaubois-Cholet (France), 6-0, 1988
Nemanja Bjelica-Crvena Zvezda (Serbia), 6-10, 1988
Georgios Bogris-Ilysiakos (Greece), 6-10, 1989
Omri Casspi-Maccabi Elite (Israel), 6-9, 1988
Victor Claver-Pamesa Valencia (Spain), 6-9, 1988
Vladimir Dasic-Buducnost (Montenegro), 6-10, 1988
Christian Eyenga-DKV Joventut (Spain), 6-5, 1989
Vitor Faverani-Unicaja Malaga (Spain), 6-10, 1988
Sergey Gladyr-Mykolaiv (Ukraine), 6-5, 1989
Adam Hanga-Albacomp (Hungary), 6-7, 1989
Bari? Hersek-Efes Pilsen (Turkey), 6-9, 1988
Rudy Jomby-Le Havre (France), 6-6, 1988
Tanel Kurbas-Kalev/Cramo (Estonia), 6-6, 1988
Milan Macvan-Hemofarm (Serbia), 6-9, 1989
Boban Marjanovic-Hemofarm (Serbia), 7-4, 1988
Tim Ohlbrecht-Bamberg (Germany), 6-1, 1988
Carl Ona Embo-Biella (Italy), 6-1, 1989
Nikolaos Pappas-Real Madrid II (Spain), 6-5, 1990
Anton Ponomarev-Astana Tigers (Kazakhstan), 6-10, 1988
Paulo Prestes-Unicaja Malaga (Spain), 6-11, 1988
Miroslav Raduljica-FMP Zeleznik (Serbia), 7-0, 1988
Fernando Raposo-Pau Orthez (France), 6-9, 1989
Ricky Rubio-DKV Joventut (Spain), 6-4, 1990
Evangelos Sakellariou-Pagrati (Greece), 6-5, 1989
Alexandros Sigkounas-Olimpia Larissa (Greece), 6-7, 1988
Ludovic Vaty-Pau Orthez (France), 6-9, 1988
Ibrahim Yildirim-Banvit (Turkey), 6-3, 1990
Artem Zabelin-CSKA Moscow (Russia), 7-1, 1988

*Country indicates where team plays, not country of nationality.