Release of New Air Jordans Causes Chaos, Anarchy Across U.S.



When you see stories like this, it reminds you why the terrorists hate us. And it”s easy to understand when Americans stay up all night in the December cold to go and fight each other, literally, over the “right” to spend close to $200 (with tax) on shoes! ON SHOES!

Seriously, you think Michael Jordan would endorse this behavior?

Disgusting thugs, too stupid to remember to breathe idiots resorting to violence over being the “first one” to hand over way more money than they can afford to corporate America.

Nike makes an estimated one billion dollars a year on the Jordan brand alone. Yet trashy, disgusting people are literally tearing up stores and firing gun shots over the “privilege” to hand Nike and Jordan more money.

From Time:

The release of Nike’s new Air Jordan basketball shoes caused a frenzy at stores across the nation early Friday, with police using pepper spray on a group of rowdy customers near Seattle and officers arresting some shoppers after a crowd broke down a door in suburban Atlanta.

A group of about 20 people were sprayed after getting into fights at the Westfield Southcenter mall in suburban Seattle, Tukwila Officer Mike Murphy said.

The crowd started gathering around midnight at four stores in the mall and had grown to more than 1,000 by 4 a.m., when the stores opened, Murphy said. “Around 3 (a.m.) there started to be some fighting and pushing among the customers,” he said. “Around 4, it started to get pretty unruly and officers sprayed pepper spray on a few people who were fighting, and that seemed to do the trick to break them up.”

Michael Jordan hasn’t played in the NBA since 2003, and the Washington Wizards years shouldn’t even count, so MJ hasn’t played for the Chicago Bulls since 1998- yet his star power is still this enormous?
Here’s video of some violence inspired by the new release of the Concords, (Jordan’s new shoes)
There was trouble in Indianapolis too.

According to today’s Indianapolis Star:

Certain stores at Lafayette Square Mall on the Northwestside were forced to close their doors shortly after opening at 7 a.m. because of mayhem created by hundreds of shoppers vying to outcompete others to get to the shoes, according to communication on police radio this morning.


In Richmond, California gun shots rang out. Thank goodness no one was hurt. Numerous arrests have been made (more detail here)

You can always avoid the insanity by purchasing these shoes online, of course that runs about $300 more, so $500 on basketball shoes?

If you ever needed more evidence of America being in it’s end of empire, rapid decline period, you got that today.

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