Pair of Michael Jordan game used shoes sell for $71,000



A pair of Michael Jordan game used shoes (not Nike Air Jordans, as these actually pre-date that product line) has now sold for $71,000. Just about everybody is on the hunt for pair of high quality gym shoes, but this is obviously a ton of money to put up for some sneakers. Of course, we know that anything M.J. is still huge these days.

His Airness has been retired for a very very long time, but he’s so huge that there’s always interest in anything Michael Jordan all the time. Check out the video:

I wholeheartedly co-sign everything that Kristen Balboni of FOX’s The Buzzer just said here about these MJ shoes; or “same” as the kids like to say these days. Speaking of basketball shoes, you might also want to see this giant American flag made entirely out of gym shoes at the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield. Go here for that.

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