Bulls Take Over 1st in East, Celtics Doc Rivers Shows Great Respect


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It was a day of mixed results for Glenn “Doc” Rivers, the Head Coach of the Boston Celtics. The Chicago native returned home to be with (and congratulate) his son Austin Rivers, as he was named winner of the 2011 Morgan Wootten Player of the Year Award today for his accomplishments on and off the court. He is after all, the #1 college basketball recruit in the nation (headed to Duke).

Obviously, that’s the highlight of his day. Here’s the bad.

With the Chicago Bulls (48-18) win over the Washington Wizards, his Boston Celtics (47-18) are now currently seeded #2 in the NBA‘s Eastern Conference.

By Paul M. Banks

The Bulls are now .5 games ahead with the Miami Heat 2.5 games behind. This race could come down to the last day.

“Let’s hope not but it could, we’re battling a lot of injuries right now and they’re not coming back any time soon, right now we’re not even thinking about a seed,” Doc Rivers said.

“We’ve been throught his before, we’re just trying to get healthy,” Rivers said.

The Bulls and Celtics meet April 7th. It’s interesting that the media was asking Rivers about the Bulls on the same day they were dressed like the Celtics. If you saw the game last night, the Bulls were sporting their St. Patrick’s Day green jerseys.

“Tom thibs, he’s one of us we still call him a Celtic even though you call him a Bull. He’s done a tremendous job, they’re great,” Doc said of the Bulls breakthrough season.

The McDonald’s All-American game will be at the Bulls home, the United Center on March 30th. Austin will compete in this year’s edition; Doc competed in the 1980 game.

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