Bulls, Bucks Busy at Trade Deadline


By: David Kay

The Bucks and Bulls each swing a pair of deals at the trade deadline.  David Kay is here to break it all down.

Bucks Get: SG John Salmons, 2011 and 2012 2nd round picks, option to swap first round pick with Bulls in 2010 (top ten protected)
Bulls Get: PF Hakim Warrick, F Joe Alexander

Why this makes sense for the Bucks:
Because Michael Redd is out for the year and the ligaments in his knees are as strong as John Daly’s breath after an all night binger.  Remember, this is the same Bucks team that signed Jerry Stackhouse last month to help fill the void of Redd so getting Salmons for two expiring contracts makes sense in their push to make the post-season.  Plus, this trade doesn’t really have a negative effect on Milwuakee’s cap situation.  The Bucks were going to be right around the salary cap for next season anyway so it is not like taking on Salmons’ reasonable $5.8 million ruins any chance they would have of making a splash in free agency.  Milwaukee is still in a solid position to be well under the cap in the summer of 2011 so the one-plus year rental of Salmons is another nice move from GM John Hammond.  Plus, the draft picks are a nice throw-in.

Why this makes sense for the Bulls:

Chicago is obviously more worried about clearing cap space to hopefully land a marquee free agent this summer than making any real noise in the playoffs.  That is why we have heard the past couple weeks the Bulls shopping players like Salmons, Kirk Hinrich, and Tyrus Thomas rather than trying to acquire a player with a lengthy contract.  Alexander will likely never see the floor in the Chi while Warrick will likely replace the minutes left behind by the traded Tyrus Thomas.

Winner: Bucks

Bulls Get: G Flip Murray, PG Acie Law, Protected future 1st round pick
Bobcats Get: PF Tyrus Thomas

Why this makes sense for the Bulls:
I like this trade for Chicago for three reasons: It clears up more cap space, gets rid of an over-hyped player who I just don’t think is that good, and gives the Bulls a future first round pick.  In acquiring Murray, the Bulls also find someone to temporarily fill in at the two to help replace the minutes left behind by the trade of Salmons.

Why this makes sense for the Bobcats:
Charlotte lacks a lot of athleticism up-front and Thomas is an interesting match with Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson on the wing.  The ‘Cats are not going to be under the cap next season so dealing expiring contracts to gain Thomas, who is a free agent in 2011, is an up-grade in talent.  I don’t like the fact that they had to throw-in a first round pick even if it is protected.

Winner: Bulls

Bucks Get: G Royal Ivey, C Primoz Brezec, 2010 2nd Round Pick
76ers Get: SG Jodie Meeks, C Francisco Elson

Why this makes sense for Milwaukee:
Since they just acquired Salmons, that makes Meeks expendable.  Replacing Brezec with Elson is a wash while it can never hurt to have an extra second round pick.  I am not sure where Ivey fits since you already have Jennings, Ridnour, Salmons, and Bell at the guard spot.

Why this makes sense for Philadelphia:
Philly must like Meeks’ potential and pretty much turn him into their 2010 second round pick.

Winner: Ummm… Push?

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  1. Salmons was struggling mightily this season, so I think the Bulls are kind of right back where they started in terms of immediate talent, but -as you pointed out- now in much better position with the cap for free agent bidding. so in other words, they really bettered themselves today. not so much in the short term, but greatly for the short term. if they can convince bosh or joe johnson to come here. i really don’t think they have a shot at lebron or wade.

    damn right tyrus is overrated. HATED him from the start. HATED the draft pick, he’s a freakishly naturally gifted athlete who parlayed that into a great showing in one NCAA tournament which netted him one nice fat contract. He had serious disdain for the media, and it showed. he did not care to be good, and his lack of desire showed

  2. I’m a fan of what Hammond did this year at the deadline. The Bucks now have nine draft picks over the next three years, and trading Meeks was probably based on getting a second round pick, which will basically turn into a do-over for Milwaukee.

    It’s kind of funny to see the differing paths of the Bucks and Bulls. The Bulls only have six guys under contract for next year and are basically intentionally downgrading for the sake of the 2010 offseason. In contrast, the Bucks are taking on contracts through 2011 so they can make a play in the 2011 offseason. I’m OK with that as a Bucks fan partly because I’d like to think Brandon Jennings will be miles from where he is now in two years and Bogut continues to get better and stay healthy.

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