18-foot statue of Lebron James created (video and photos)



NBA and Miami Heat star Lebron James is big…but larger than life? And like F. Scott Fitzgerald once said “a big man has little time for anything other than sitting around and being big.” And Lebron media coverage is larger than life, Now there’s a physical embodiment of his largeness!

PrimeTime Amusements, a global operator, seller and event renter of video arcade machines and simulators, has built an 18-foot foam statue of Lebron James! Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh are currently being built in the company’s South Florida warehouse. Not sure where these statues will eventually end up, or who is going to buy them


Check out Lebron James (at 18-feet) being created here:

Video on the building on the Lebron statue:

more photos:

The PrimeTime Theming division of PrimeTime Amusements will be headed up by an art designer and team of sculptors with 40-years plus experience. The statues are primarily constructed from foam and hard-coated with paint, which ensures that the finished products are lightweight and easy to transport, yet waterproof with the ability to be kept outdoors. PrimeTime’s team creates the pieces using a combination of CNC 3-D Cutting machinery and hand sculpturing.


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