Bubba Starling Snubs Nebraska Cornhuskers; Picks Kansas City Royals


New Nebraska Cornhuskers QB Bubba Starling has a million dollar question to answer. Actually, it’s a $10 million question. Because Starling is also the 5th overall pick in the 2011 MLB Draft, by the Kansas City Royals franchise.

It looks like it’s going to come down to the wire tonight. Much like last year, with MLB #1 overall pick Bryce Harper, we should probably see a finalized deal at midnight.

According to the Kansas City Star, Starling and the Royals are about $2.5 million away from sealing it.

Huskers beat reporter Sean Callahan tweeted: “KC Star reports this morning that Bubba Starling is looking for around $10 million and KC is currently around $7.5 million.

“To put $10 million in perspective, Stephen Strasburg got $15.1 million from Washington. Previous record was $10.5 million (Mark Prior).

Dayton Moore (KC Senior VP-Baseball Operations/General Manager) on signing Bubba Starling: “I have not had any discussions. I don’t know where it’s going to go.”

After the deadline to sign with the Royals passes, Starling would have to wait three years to begin a professional baseball career.

During Big Ten Media Days, Nebraska coach Bo Pelini spoke about the situation.

“I assume he’s going to be here until he’s not and then you deal with it, he’s on campus right now, he came to the second session of the summer,” Pelini said before later adding:

“He’s going through everything our kids are going through. I go under the assumption he’s going to be with us, and if he’s not, we’re prepared for it either way.”

Okay, so both sides are being diplomatic and claiming they don’t know. However, usually in this situation, the prospect will take the money in baseball and save the college eligibility for later. (See Chris Weinke, Drew Henson, and Joe Bauserman). Although there have been exceptions like Clayton Richard.

If Starling were to stay in Lincoln, he would likely be QB2 behind Taylor Martinez, with Cody Green leaving the program and Kody Spano leaving football. Starling is ranked by Rivals the 119th overall top prospect in the nation for his recruiting class.

Of the three players who traveled to Chicago for Big Ten Media Days, Starling was not one of them. However Pelini did say as much as he could about Starling’s choice:

“We’ve talked at length in the past, I have a good understanding of what he’s facing right now. I can sit and talk until I’m blue in the face and I could speculate on 9,000 scenarios but it still wouldn’t do us any good.” Pelini said.

So there you go. It’s up to Starling and his family, and only they know for sure. But we should have a resolution pretty soon, and if you have to guess I would say it’ll be the Royals.

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  1. Stephen Johnson says

    Here is another article based on the same information that has been out there and drawing inference that he will go the baseball route. Maybe he will but maybe he will not. Some people are in a rush to grow up and start getting paid for their work. Others want to go to college and grow up into an adult before they make that commitment. Either way, it is simply a matter of getting the money now, or getting the money later. Anybody who says otherwise is pushing an agenda.

  2. paulmbanks says

    It’s certainly a great dilemma to have to choose from. there’s no “lose” in the situation, as long as he maintains his health. I’m sure he’s getting “advisers” from all over the place and “family members” coming out of the woodwork to consult him

  3. Stan Goodman says

    no matter how many times the same info is regurgitated on the web, the dim bulbs at huskerpedia link to it like it’s something new. what a POS that site has become

  4. HuskerfaninLA says

    I am actually sick of hearing about this kid and dont want him to play at NU. Him and super d-bag agent Scott Boras are using NU as barging chip people! Wake up and smell what Bubba’s cookin…

  5. N.J. Wright says

    That’s right, his coming to Nebraska is nothing more than a bargaining tool.

  6. Wow! What an insightful and engaging piece of journalism! I really had no idea this kid existed. And to think!… Football AND Baseball?!?! What are the odds? When the people of Kansas City and Nebraska get a grip on this doppelganger, all bets are off! I’m gonna tell Dad to cancel combining the corn this year! Oh please Mr. Sportsbank.net… tell me more! I am ever so hungry for more information on this fresh and just breaking news event!

  7. Husker007 says

    Maybe he is using NU as a barging chip or maybe he trying to figure things out for himself…eithter way NU is getting plenty of national exposure that a kid of this caliber would even considering playing here.
    There is no need to bitch about anything! At the end of the day we are all winners here and all true Husker Fans are going to support what ever decsion he makes!

  8. A kid of this caliber would even consider playing here?! Take some pride in your program and stop treating it like it’s second tier. We are Nebraska, we are the best. Any kid would be lucky to play here, regardless of their “caliber.”

  9. paulmbanks says

    I would give the kid a little more credit. Bo asked him not pitch his senior year, in order to save his arm. And he did just that. which shows something on his part.

    I like to see all the passion on this topic. I can’t wait to see what you guys have to say when I do my Nebraska season preview.

    they’re #8 in 77 in 77 series, http://thesportsbank.wpengine.com/college-fball/36-iowa-hawkeyes-college-football-77-in-77/

    so I’m looking to get that live on Aug 27th

  10. paulmbanks says

    and 5 national titles, winningest program over the last half-century, one of just six programs to reach 800 wins? c’mon guys you don’t have much room to complain. Sure the Bill Callahan years sucked, but try being an Illini.

    My 3.5 years in Champaign, we went 13-32. and from ’03-’06 UI was 8-37; that’ll give you something to complain about

  11. Stephen Johnson says

    I am very disappointed by some of the “fans” comments. I suspect they may be Kansas Royals Baseball fans trying to piss off Bubba at Nebraska. Most every fan in Nebraska wishes him the best no matter what choice he makes.

  12. Bubba would have an easier decision to make if the Royals were at the top of their game. Tough to join a team that doens’t expect to play for Championships ie Sox, Yankees etc.. and give up the best years of his life for it. Face it, how many of us look back at our first big paying job and say it was the best years of our life?? College and High School years win out with everyone. That’s the decision he has to make.. memories for later or money to spend now.

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