Nebraska’s Bo Pelini: Media Day Gaffe Sounds Like Freudian Slip


This year has seen more scandal in college sports than any other in recent memory. And given today’s media landscape, this malfeasance and corruption is getting much more coverage than ever. Which has opened the door for discussions on whether or not it’s time to pay college football and college basketball players.

This is not one of those discussions. What follows is a small but interesting verbal gaffe from Nebraska Cornhuskers Coach Bo Pellini; it reads like the type of mispeak that Joe Biden would make.

I’m not saying this is a glimpse into what’s really or really not going on, but it is something difficult to overlook.

At Big Ten Media Day, every coach gets his 15 minutes on dais. The discussion is moderated and broadcast on television. After each Q & A, the coach then meets a group of reporters outside the ballroom to take more media queries.

“It’s a very unique situation in Nebraska, we don’t have any other professional sports teams. Nebraska football, Nebraska athletics, (the) University is what kind of runs the show in the state,” Pellini told the media Thursday.

Focus on “ANY OTHER PROFESSIONAL” in that sentence.

And I know what he really meant to say, there is no other game in town, and that’s one of the many reasons the Huskers are such a big deal and make so much money. (well, everyone but the players make a lot of money)

Pellini continued answering the initial question, which was about the rabid fan base.

“They’re passionate about  it, they’re loyal. Look at our sell out streak, no one’s close. It’s a testament to the type of sport we have and the type of fans that are part of our program.”

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  1. What a worthless article… my only regret is that I can’t un-read it.

  2. Steve Lamb says

    Slow news day?? Nothing to write about?? Give me a break, what Bo said and what he meant are obvious. To suggest that this is somehow a reflection of some ulterior motive is a joke. Nebraska is “clean,” get used to it. Next time write something of substance.

  3. Could you explain what this line actually means to you, Paul? You label it as a Freudian Slip, but you don’t explain what you think Pelini meant to say.

  4. Paul in WI says

    It is obvious that the author (and I use that term loosely) was tired of the quantity of positive press that Nebraska had been receiving during Media Days.

    After reading this trash, I feel like I just stepped into a pile of fresh dog crap. I need a shower.

  5. This article is so stupid I have decided to close my account with the “Sportsbank”

  6. paulmbanks says

    @Knappic. that’s obvious. it’s implied in the intro paragraph.

    And I’m not saying NEB isn’t a clean program, there’s no evidenc out there that they’re not

    @Jim, Paul in WI, Really? I’m going to quote Beyonce in her hit song “Survivor”….”I’m not gonna diss you, on the internet. Cuz my momma taught me better than that.”

  7. paulmbanks says


    you guys know how media conferences go, players and coaches don’t say much of substance. intentionally.

    You guys need news in the offseason. therefore……

    I’ll have some thing on Bubba Starling’s decision, and a comprehensive breakdown of T-Mart soon

  8. paulmbanks says

    also this is so-called “positive press” the whole last paragraph is Bo articulating how great the fans are and how powerful the program is

  9. johnchindo says

    Defensive much? This article reads like it was birthed on a post-it note. Several minutes of my life I want back, I hope you lose a minute of yours by reading my post. “evidenc” has an “e” on the end of it, by the way.

  10. I am friends with Paul and all you NU fans need to take what he said at face value:

    And I know what he really meant to say, there is no other game in town, and that’s one of the many reasons the Huskers are such a big deal and make so much money. (well, everyone but the players make a lot of money)

    Geez, take it at face value – he just making an observation in the off season about a comment that was not intended the way it sounds. He said, “And I know what he really meant to say..”

    Make the “Husker fans are knowledgeable” statement true by not taking the bate on this stuff and over analyzing it!!

  11. paulmbanks says

    Thanks Tim. I also want to add that Joe Ganz and I played in same high school football program- The Stagg Chargers in Palos Hills, IL

    He’s a little younger than me, but I knew his sister and his family, and his accomplishments in Lincoln go well beyond that of any former Stagg Charger. I, like many former players in the program take pride in that, I enjoyed seeing his name at the top of many passing records in the Nebraska media guide. I bring this up because…I want to make this point clear that I have no axe to grind against the program. And I have no bias towards focusing on negative Husker press!

    I was very happy they joined the Big Ten

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