Where Will the Brewers’ Prince Fielder Land in 2012?


In an era where the new gold standard is no longer a million dollars but the almighty billion dollars, sports superstars are looking for every million they can drain out of these loaded sports franchises.

Boston Red Sox First-Baseman Adrian Gonzalez’ seven-year contract worth 154 million is a perfect example of such a thing.

The situation will be no different for Milwaukee Brewers Prince Fielder in 2012 when he becomes a free agent under the infamous Scott Boras.

Unfortunately for the Prince, the days of a designated hitter being crazily overpaid in the American League seems to be coming to an end. That’s why my top five destinations for Fielder are riddled with National League foes.

Follow the jump to see which teams are most likely to snatch up the left-handed slugger.

By: Nick Grays

1.) Chicago Cubs

I’m not sure the Brewers would like it, but quite frankly, the rival Cubs seem like the best fit for the big man. They will surely have the money to give him with Kosuke Fukodome and Carlos Pena’s contracts coming off the books next season.

Add in the fact that Chicago is always looking for a left-handed bat who hits 30+ home-runs a season and you have a match in heaven.

Fielder might be known as a Cubbie Killer in Milwaukee, but money can change almost anything, right?

2.) Baltimore Orioles

The Orioles are a team on the rise under new Manger Buck Showalter. They will make strides in 2011, but will probably fall short of their AL East counterparts due to a couple of missing pieces.

They’ve shown interest for highly-touted hitters in the past (Mark Teixeira) and realistically have room in their payroll for Mr. Fielder.

With first-baseman Derek Lee signed to a one-year deal, they would also have the choice to deploy Fielder in a DH role or at first-base.

3.) New York Mets

Never count out the Mets, they have been known to go out and spend a whole lot of money on an offensively talented hitter before.

Outfielder Carlos Beltran who makes over 20 million a year will be off the payroll and to keep up with the Philadelphia Phillies, they will have to do something.

If Jose Reyes’ extension goes smoothly, expect New York to make a splash in the free agent market following a disappointing season in 2011.

4.) St. Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals are another NL Central team who could value Fielder’s services if their hard-hitting first-baseman Albert Pujols decides to become a free agent as well.

Fielder is no Pujols, but could be looked at as a relatively cheaper version of the same amount of home-runs and RBI pending the Prince stays in shape and continues to play with the swagger he does now.

While I think fans in St. Louis would warm up to Fielder, there’s no way they can let Pujols go, can they?

5.) Milwaukee Brewers

Boras and Fielder will definitely be looking for somewhere in the upwards of 20 million a season and at least five to seven years in a long-term contract.

I wouldn’t completely eliminate the Brewers from the picture because the free agent market could be god awful.

Additionally, the team has shown a propensity to keep around their recent home-brewed prospects (Ryan Braun, Rickie Weeks, Yovani Gallardo and Corey Hart).

What concerns me is that Milwaukee could really cripple their future with a deal worth that much money if Fielder doesn’t pan out.

Where do you think Prince Fielder suits up in 2012? Let me know by commenting below!

Nick Grays is a senior editor at the Sports Bank where he covers the Wisconsin Badgers, Green Bay Packers, and Milwaukee Brewers. Follow him on Twitter by clicking here or visit his blog Nick Knows Best.

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  1. Good article. Let’s hope he stays in Milw!

  2. I would really hate to see him leave Milwaukee, especially if he were to sign with the Cubs. With Weeks, Braun, et al, Fielder makes this a very potent lineup. Now that it seems they have improved pitching, I hopes he sees this team has a very bright future. To the Cubs, yuck!!!!!!!

  3. Never Mind!!

  4. To tie up OVER 20% of the payroll in this market on one player – – ANY PLAYER – – absolute insanity to even think about it. I’d much rather decide on 3 or 4 very good 5 mil players than one greedy 20 mil player – – especially one represented by the pious JERK OF THE DECADE! HOWEVER, both sides of MLB got us into this mess decades ago and guess what? – – the “ALL ABOUT ME” craziness is not EVER going to get better. I appreciate the RANT tolerance. Thank You!

  5. Nick Grays says

    I like the guy, has great energy and leadership, but he’s not worth the money he will be asking. If he stays determined and keeps in shape, he could be a great player, but not one of the best in the game. Plus, his defense is below average (take a look at his throw home in the loss to the Nats for a perfect example)

  6. Base salary for every player. Incentives for everything they do. # of singles, doubles, triples, homeruns, hits, walks, etc. Same can be done for defense, # of double plays turned, outs made, strike outs, etc. Increased compensation for each goal you hit. The guess what?! You will have people playing the game hard, playing to win and not cadillacing down the line. Playing the game to compete is what it is supposed to be about and those that compete should be the ones to get paid. That will make baseball, baseball again! Greed is the only thing that will keep this from happening and fixing the problems.

  7. Nick Grays says

    That is interesting Dad (whoever’s Dad you are). I still think their would be a discrepancy due to tenure in the league and there would be a huge difference between the positions.

  8. paulmbanks says

    Scott Boras is basically the 31st MLB team. Lots of GMs hate that bastard as much as I do. Since lot of teams won’t deal with him, it leaves a slight tear in Fielders open market value….maybe. hopefully.

    The Braun deal means he’s pretty much gone. Likely to a NL Central rival

  9. ROY HALLADAY says


  10. haha, Roy Halladay, the day they start owning the AL East will be the day!

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