Where Will the Brewers’ Prince Fielder Land in 2012?

In an era where the new gold standard is no longer a million dollars but the almighty billion dollars, sports superstars are looking for every million they can drain out of these loaded sports franchises.

Boston Red Sox First-Baseman Adrian Gonzalez’ seven-year contract worth 154 million is a perfect example of such a thing.

The situation will be no different for Milwaukee Brewers Prince Fielder in 2012 when he becomes a free agent under the infamous Scott Boras.

Unfortunately for the Prince, the days of a designated hitter being crazily overpaid in the American League seems to be coming to an end. That’s why my top five destinations for Fielder are riddled with National League foes.

Follow the jump to see which teams are most likely to snatch up the left-handed slugger.

By: Nick Grays
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